[NA][PvX] New Player Seeking Guild

[NA][PvX] New Player Seeking Guild

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Posted by: StormPE.8201


Hello everyone!
I’m a new player to GW2 and I am currently on the search for a guild of like-minded individuals to play with. Below you will find as much relevant information as I could think of to present to you in a concise way. Feel free to ask questions if you need or want information not found below.

What I’m Looking For

  • High end PvE content (Raids, Dungeons, Fractals, Meta Events, etc)
  • Possibly PvP and WvW (very interested in learning WvW)
  • Relaxed atmosphere with friendly and knowledgeable members
  • Guild members willing to teach and guide

What I’m NOT Looking For

  • Meta thumpers (ref1 – see bottom)
  • Guilds that don’t want to do high end content
  • Guild members that are unwilling to do group/organized play
  • Forced play times (I have a life outside of my games, but normally play daily)

What I Bring To The Team

  • I’m a “mature” adult (I still like to have fun and joke around)
  • Wonderfully dark and sarcastic sense of humor
  • A colorful vocabulary
  • 15+ years of online gaming experience
  • A powerful and reliable computer and internet connection
  • A quality headset
  • Programming skills
  • Web design skills
  • Photoshop skills
  • I quickly grasp game mechanics
  • I’m fine with playing support/utility builds
  • I enjoy theory-crafting and strategizing

Things You Should Know

  • I’ve been playing this game for less than 60 days
  • I have HoT and will be getting PoF also
  • I’m in EST time zone
  • I’m active only in the evenings and on weekends
  • I’m currently on Sorrow’s Furnace (I’m willing to change for the right guild)
  • I currently only have one max level character (ref2 – see bottom)
  • I do not have ascended gear yet (I’m working on it)

(ref1) I am willing to run organized team builds and learn specific strategies, but want the freedom to experiment and craft things I find promising/viable. I’m interested in playing with people that want to innovate and experiment instead of copy/paste the recent Flavor of the Month builds to clear content.

(ref2) I currently main a level 80 Revenant. I am also currently working on leveling a Mesmer, and have plans to make a Guardian as well. I am open to class and role suggestions, but prefer to play classes I find interesting and flexible.

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[NA][PvX] New Player Seeking Guild

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Posted by: Pensadora.9478


For your WvW play, suggest you check us out: MAS guild, a WvW-focused, competitive team on Sorrow’s Furnace. We will train and develop the right people for our team. Good community of player friends. PM with questions or for more details.

Our post in these forums: MAS Recruit Post

Link to our website in signature below.

Hope to hear from you!

GM of [MAS] – Might and Smarts – WvW

[NA][PvX] New Player Seeking Guild

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Posted by: Fatherbliss.4701


What I’m looking for:
People with a wicked sense of humor
Players willing to experiment, theory craft and work together
A competitive mindset (not elitist…good lord no)
Those who enjoy all types of content

What we bring:
WvW 2x per week scheduled nights, most of us are on every night anyway
Zero rep requirement (encouraged, but not required during WvW due to missions)
Discord (server uses TS so there will be times I open tag and use that)

We have players who can do high end Fractals and Dungeons. In all honesty, that isn’t every night unless there is interest. We are just now starting to do raids and work on gearing together.


Leader of Goats of Thunder [GOAT]
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[NA][PvX] New Player Seeking Guild

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Posted by: Icias.1658


My friend and I are looking to create a small size guild to cover all things PvE with like-minded gamers who just want to jump in and do the game content without all the extra fluff of being in a guild.

These things include:

- Raids (Priority)
– Fractals
– Dungeons
– And so on…

Guild Information: (This guild is new and has no members as I am posting this)
The guild is mostly casual in terms of requirements but are looking for open-minded players who are willing to learn. This is so we can just jump straight into the game and play all the content.(Must have at least 1 lvl 80.)

- Not having map completion, AR, full ascended, and things like that is totally fine.
- You don’t have to be highly skilled or perfectly geared, just understand the basics of the game.
- No representation requirements.
- Voice chat is requirement.
- Discord Required (Talking not required, but you need to hear what people are saying).
- Not aiming for a large amount of members

This guild is not about being the best at anything, speed runs, or the having top level gear. The guild is for having players available to learn and play raids with, especially if you have limited gaming time.


- Be chill… Rude Behaviour won’t be tolerated. If someone needs help, be cool about it. On the other hand, if you are having trouble then speak up and ask for help. It hurts everyone if you don’t say anything.
– Due to limited gaming time, not every member will always be willing to join you for whatever content you are needing at any given moment so just understand that.
– Feel free to speak your mind in a constructive manner, not a malicious one…
Raid days will be Monday or Wednesdays ~1 hour after reset… the day will depend on the availability of raiders, and will be decided as a group once we have enough players
Add and/or send mail to Icias.1658 if this sounds like a good fit for you.
Happy hunting.