[NA][YB][PvX] Looking for a home? Join Crow

[NA][YB][PvX] Looking for a home? Join Crow

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Posted by: Ekhetrima.9651


Chosen by the Mists [Crow] is a new guild with the goal of having a small but active community of adults (21+) who want to enjoy Guild Wars 2 together.

If you are looking for a group of friends to experience this game with, [Crow] might be the home you are looking for. We welcome new players just learning the ropes and experienced veterans who have been there and done that. There is no need to continue to play on your own or to be just another number in a guild, when you can have an online crew to hang out with.

Crow is aiming to be a true PvX guild. We will do plenty of PvE (fractals, dungeons, exploring, open world events, etc), but also social events, small scale WvW, and PvP. We enjoy hanging out and helping each other with goals. We offer a mature, drama-free community that understands real life comes first.

The bullet list:

  • A helpful, friendly and knowledgeable crew to game with
  • Mature 21+ membership with family friendly guild chatter
  • Active Discord server for voice and text chat in and out of game (voice not required, but recommended)
  • Regular scheduled events
  • Small scale WvW on Yak’s Bend
  • Allowance for multi-guilding (although you must rep us when you run with us).
  • Free cookies!

Check out our web site, crowguild.com, and join our community. You can message me in game or via the web site with questions or to apply.