Questons: Heart of Thorns

Questons: Heart of Thorns

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

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Will the healing fragments from Energy Expulsion heal downed elementalists using vapor form to move to the fragments?

Also if a fragment lands on an already downed player (no matter the profession) can/will that player get some healing?

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Questons: Heart of Thorns

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: mercury ranique.2170

mercury ranique.2170


any answer is speculation, but reading the article, it seems to be an AoE healing skill with a very small range round the shard

As all healing skills are affecting downed players, it is likely that the shards will do the same.

So according to this, the answer is yes.

However…the question is if it a valuable tactic. My first guess would be no.
I suspect the shards to not stay in the world forever. If I had to guess, to not make them OP, they likely only stay in the world for a few seconds. The range and amount of healing is enough to do some serious healing, but it doesn’t stay active long. So wether or not you got time to move closer to a shard is currently unknown. My guess is that it won’t. The healing effect is described as a secondary effect and with the primary effects it would make the elite too OP.

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