[suggestion] hawk wings and wings glider skin

[suggestion] hawk wings and wings glider skin

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Tora.7214


the black and white feathered wings are very nice addition and quite popular, however some would agree that the black and white color choices require to make several amends to armor to make it look good (human and norn races look good with any, wherever the other need to dye their armor abyss or celestial or in charr case black or white fur to make them look good) i suggest they added a brown dyed version of the wings to add more variety to the choice

my second suggestion is that there be a skin that replace the glides with the wings backpack so it looks like our character is actually using them to fly around and not a simple accesory. they wouldnt need to be easy to obtain, since the wings backpack come and go from the gem story they could create and “achivement” that unlocks when you unlock both white and black (and hawk if they were added) wing skins to the wardrobe wich would unlock the skin use for gliders.