Lore Hide and Go Seek

Lore Hide and Go Seek

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Heya guys, soooooo recently my guild decided since the new expansion of the game was going to come out soon, we’d throw a little celebration by doing a game of hide and go seek. I was chosen to organize this little game along with the theme and prizes, soooooo I decided to make the theme of this game GW1 & GW2 living season 1 lore.

Unfortunatley for me, I dont know many places,NPCs or just general things that are still in game from living season 1, or from the previous game that I could use for good hiding spots. So~ I was wondering if anyone could help out in this feild?

Are there any places or items from Guild wars 1 you could still stumble across in GW2? Any NPC’s that are unassuming unless you knew their backstory? Any and all help would be appreciated.

Lore Hide and Go Seek

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Oh man. There’s so much, so I’m sure you’ll get some wonderful answers. I could probably sit here and make a list for hours, so I’ll just throw some of them your way…

Some of the most plentiful references, though, are in ghosts, gravestones, and books.

- Durmand Priory library has Aidan’s journal, who was one of the major ranger NPCs in prime. Noran in Lake Doric is a distant relation of Aidan as well (and he has a pet black moa which was a rare GW2 pet, and his wolf shares a name with one of the major necromancer NPCs).

- Professor Yakkington’s grave in Ebonhawk (among a bunch of references through the game of him) – a dolyak companion of Nicholas Sanford that was a traveling daily trader. The grave glows slightly, a reference to how Nicholas used to use enchanted lodestones to act as lights when Yakkington slept as he was scared of snakes and darkness.

- Pretty much every book cart in Divinity’s Reach has some sort of GW1 reference. For things slightly less known in reference I suggest locating these two: Joe the Devourer: The Untold story, Oink’s Adventures. Both reference NPC creatures

(For books that are related to PoF/Elona/Crystal Desert that are a little less on the obvious side – A Novice’s Guide to Cooking with Iboga, Junundu and Me, and The Curious Case of Bahltek by Norgu though there’s several on more known topics that would apply as well)

For locations, some of my favourites are:
- Lornar’s Pass, there is a statue of Grenth at the Reaper’s Gate location that was there in prime.

- The Falls location in Auric Basin is home to Zinn’s Lab, that was there in prime. Somewhere around the hero point.

- Brisban Wildlands, Aurora’s Remains (especially the event that takes place in there) is a straight up throw back of the old Aurora Glade mission and bonus.

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Lore Hide and Go Seek

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Torn Fierceslash.6375

If i remember right there are graves of the Henchmen in the ruins of granite citadel.

Nm found the link for the quest:


Has only a few henchmen there.

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Konig Des Todes.2086

Here is a ‘brief’ list of all GW2W articles that have a GW1W counterpart

Should give a rough idea of the relation between the two games.

But there are hundreds of tied locations, NPCs, dialogue etc. between the two games. Perhaps most notable being Auric Basin having The Falls, Balthazar’s Rest, and Zinn’s Lab all three of which are locations in GW1; Flashpoint introduced not only Balthazar, but M.O.X., one of the heroes of GW1, and Livia and Ogden are both in both games as well. Noran mentioned by Maethor is not only grandson (iirc) of Aiden, but of Zho as well – his Black Moa pet being descended from Zho’s Black Moa pet.

Nicholas Sandford and professor Yakkington got multiple references – not only their graves in Ebonhawke, but a location in Frostgorge was named after Yakkington (Yakkington’s Trail – it is near where Nicholas found baby calf Yakkington), and in Snowden Drifts there is a Horas the Traveler (iirc the name right) with a dolyak who is following in Nicholas’ spiritual footsteps of traveling all over the place (well, in dialogue).

We see graves of the Ebon Falcon (Kieran Thackeray’s group – Kieran being Logan Thackeray’s ancestor) as well as Gwen Thackeray (Logan’s ancestor and wife to Kieran) in Ebonhawke too.

One of the bloodstone dust gobblers, Herta, is the head of an Exalted who seems to be the very same Herta henchmen from GW1.

We see ruins of Ascalon City, Lion’s Arch, Henge of Denravi, and Droknar’s Forge (four of the five major towns in Prophecies) in GW2 as well – PoF will bring not just the ruins but the rebuilt Amnoon Oasis town too (in a manner akin to Lion’s Arch – sunken ruins, new city of same name on shoreline).

etc. etc. etc.

Dear ANet writers,
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i found this place doing some LS3 achievments on Lake Doric. All these names are ppl from GW1



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Aaron Ansari.1604

Speaking of Nicholas references, there’s also this kid in Fireheart Rise.

R.I.P., Old Man of Auld Red Wharf. Gone but never forgotten.

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From what I recall of Season 1, there should still be someone at the camp that was near the Nightmare Tower in Kessex Hills, and there’s someone else positioned near the wreckage of the marionette fight in Lornar’s Pass. Moto is technically from Season 1, along with his Super Adventure Box, but that might be too incredibly obvious given the April festival now. Ellen Kiel was introduced in Season 1, and now has her own office; I know Evon Gnashblade still shows up from time to time, but I’m not sure if he’s unique enough to Season 1 to count. All of Southsun is technically part of Season 1, as well as the revised Tequatl fight (but I couldn’t tell you which NPCs weren’t there before, if any). The bar Marjory hung out in in Divinity’s Reach is still there as a PoI, although the NPCs in there are pretty boring. Then there’s the Aetherblade jumping puzzle in Gendaran Fields (also a PoI). The last thing I can think of really related to Season 1 that might have a distinct place is the memorial of Lion’s Arch getting destroyed and then rebuilt, or the fissure at the bottom of the bay where Scarlet’s huge drill hit.