PoF Lore Questions (Possible Spoilers)

PoF Lore Questions (Possible Spoilers)

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Posted by: gmugen.9382


I have a few questions:

1. Do Kourna and Vabbi still exist? Because apparently there are hints that still operate, e.g. coins.

2. Are the Order of Shadows the same as Order of Whispers?

3. The appearance of Zaishen makes me wonder whether they recruit individuals to be sacrificed and reborn as forged? Salvageable Intact Forged Scrap states: Chunks of metal used by the tortured spirits of Balthazar’s Forged army. So are Forged the dead whose spirits are enslaved?

4. Will Zomorros and or Miyani make an appearance in Elona?

5. And is Zambalur a Djinn? Because Zambalur in Islam is a jinn/demon who did shady business. The naming of djinns seem to start with Zs perhaps.

6. Joko’s minions don’t seemed to be feared. Why? Maybe because they seem like missionaries? Or because they don’t cause too much trouble in Amoon similarly to Sons of Svanir in Hoelbrak.

7. Lastly, why doesn’t Joko like Kourna? Kournan coin message.


PoF Lore Questions (Possible Spoilers)

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

  1. Yes, but under Joko’s rule. Kourna and Istan are both vassals, while Vabbi is under his direct control.
  2. Unknown. There are some similarities in clothing between the GW1 Order of Whispers and the Order of Shadows, but there’s nothing to connect the two atm. The Order of Shadows just shows itself to be a bounty guild, established to manage bounties and their rewards.
  3. Based on Sparking the Flames, the Forged are souls encased in armor (akin to Shiro’ken in GW1) using the souls of both willing followers of Balthazar and those killed by the Forged. The Zaishen seem to be a human army following and working for Balthazar – think of Margonites (humans turned into demonic entities) and Kournans (human army) from Nightfall that both followed Abaddon.
  4. That’s pretty much impossible to say, but I would bet on no.
  5. One of the NPCs do say there’s rumors he is a djinn, but it’s just that – rumors.
  6. Years of association and brainwashing. There’s a dialogue between a Priory and a refugee where the refugee says her parents were outcasted, preventing all “hope” of being “Awakened by King Joko” (phrasing to the best of my memory) and lamenting such – basically, she says that becoming an Awakened is of the highest honors among Elonians, that becoming such is the same as Joko promising prosperity for one’s family for all time. Amnoon was (re)built outside of Joko’s empire, so all Awakened there are basically emissaries and travelers, and most who live there don’t want to be under Joko’s yoke so they’re iffy of Awakened, but not strictly afraid of them.
  7. Don’t think I’ve seen that message, but likely this ties to his defeat and imprisonment at the hands of Turai Ossa, a former Kournan Warmarshal, 200 years before GW1’s time and his later fight with Varesh Ossa’s forces in Nightfall’s time.
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