suggestion Map bonus

suggestion Map bonus

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Data sheet approaching, it is recommended to modify some of the map of the incentive mechanism, the new information sheet reward mechanism as usual, it will fail.

To waste the picture as an example, blood stone BOSS need to consume more than 30 minutes of time players, and finally only to four brands. Rewards and time are not exactly the same.
Daily magic collection, reward 3 blood stone brand,
Daily flight skills, reward three blood stone brand,
Daily cracks, reward 5 blood stone brand,
Daily judge, reward 5 blood stone brand,

Daily Cuihua, reward 5 blood stone brand, additional access to a daily box, 10% chance to get bloody weapon (not tradable), 2% probability of getting bloodstone gliding (not tradable).
Magic traders add: blood stone weapons, 150 Token 2000 magic exchange (not trade), blood stone gliding wing, 5000 Token 10W magic (not traded).
Black Lions Mall added the third quarter commemorative box, the weekend limit when the shelves can be exchanged for the above props.

Drop + tokens + store

Love businessmen can buy stakes to 5.
Increased daily as above.
End of the world magic package split for the illusion of spare parts, regardless of light weight.
Sri Lanka mouse box, the probability of access to the end of the magic pieces of spare parts.
Daily BOSS, the probability of access to the end of the world magic sets of spare parts.

Magic businessman added: end of the world magic pieces, 300 Token +5000 magic.
Add the end of the world magic sliding wing collection line, with the traveler the original stone.

Black Lion Mall 3rd season commemorative box, the weekend at the end of the shelves, you can buy the above props.

New piece of information map standard: a set of weapons or a set of armor, gliding wing, mount skin, drop + tokens.

Black Lion Store can sell these rewards on weekends