All is still vain.

All is still vain.

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Posted by: SkyFallsInThunder.8257


Since apparently the old thread has died, I am making this thread so that this glorious piece of gw2 history remains with us.

This is a poem written by a gw2 player called mighty meak and I take no credit for it.

Please do not let it go gentle into that good night.

“OK gusie listen
im decent pvp
but my gf left me
coz of lederborsd
i mean W T F
i enter new leaderrbord after reset
and i say i am decent
i adapt
i see no gaurd so i think ok go gaurd
i go imba heal guard
adn i am gona mid
and i heal and i heal and i heal moar
but w t f
i am alone
no one helps no loves
i die no win
next game i say ho ho ho no guard no gaurd at all i go imba power crit wahtever
but guy at srat say ok gusy lisen plan
1 close 1 animal 1 far rest mid
ok ok i say i am mid coz far is noob
burt map say i am 1 mid rest animal no close no far
and i die hard lol
then enters next
and i say lol i know now i follow plan noooobs
w t f skyham
i change imba engi canon trololol
so caanon here i comes
1 mesmer hiding and pul no prob i push and push broken glass canon all mine
i shoot a shoot b shoot c
w t f
non see abc
they all canon gate coz it causy no push nothing just fight fight fight
chase chase chse
i say go b go a and go c
all say lol noob u here for golds
gf now half interest
i say ok lissen good i win next i go up 90%
but i dont
all ranks 10 for goold
next is same and next
70% and down
ranks down too
i go guard i am mad no guard love
i go engi bunker power right no nothing
i do ele i go war ooops w t f war nerfes
69% and down
gf dont impresss say she leaving now
all is vain”