Anti-Boonshare suggestions

Anti-Boonshare suggestions

in WvW

Posted by: Apocolyptic.5068


First stab and resist make a lot skills useless. If someone gets knocked back while stab is on, it does nothing(in some cases no damage if the skill doesn’t have dmg).

In small group fights 5-10, not too bad of a thing but, when a server as a whole runs boonshare… You hit a bit of a problem because some servers are just more populated and/or coordinated because they do not depend on a link/links.

Maybe have stab turn hard cc into soft cc(cripple) when knocked back floated… etc… Instead of nothing…

Second we come to Resist. Turn it into a buff like stealth therefore it isn’t shared with boonshare and isn’t affected with boon duration foods, armor, etc…

Something like Poison removes Regen, cripple removes swift, Chill removes quickness and stab already works this way with stack removal.

This way someone with Stab hits a line of warding, they get cripple but because they have swift, it just removes their swift. If they do not have stab they get knocked down and if they don’t have swift they keep the cripple.

These are only suggestions that I was thinking of. If there are good parts point them out and if there are bad, discuss and add your own ideas because the current meta is garbage. I remember when they had in the notes about 100% vigor up-time being a problem and now we are here…

Anti-Boonshare suggestions

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Posted by: SkyShroud.2865


Boonshare this term refers to signet of inspiration

As for your suggestion, you are suggesting to nerf boons as a whole and make it completely favorable to conditions.

Furthermore, a nerf is coming for signet inspiration and herald boon durations.

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Anti-Boonshare suggestions

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Posted by: Justine.6351


I was thinking omg this idea is going to be so bad I have to get my laugh by reading it…

really though I like some of the stuff you say apocalyptic. There is so much hard cc and so much free stability ingame that it makes little people like me who run sane/balanced builds feeling frustrated everytime I wait for a block to end before trying a CC only to see auto stability traits like Last Stand kick in. Or when I get CC and I stun break only to immediately get CC again.

There should be a more pliable stance on stability and hard cc and not treated as such an absolute mechanic.

Anti-Boonshare suggestions

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Posted by: Infusion.7149


Gravity Well + Well of corruption + “Nothing Can Save You!” + Enfeebling Blood + Null field

Banish Enchantment

Spinal Shivers / Chill of Death on the mesmer spamming the boons

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Anti-Boonshare suggestions

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Posted by: OriOri.8724


Make resistance stack intensity like stability, limit it to 15 stacks. Lower amount of stability stacks to 20 from 25. Not perfect, probably not completely balanced. But much better than what it is now which is basically perma immunity to CC and condis

Anti-Boonshare suggestions

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Posted by: Coldtart.4785


Resistance honestly should never have been added to the game. Boons are already way stronger than condis and then you add a boon that counters all condis? Madness.

For stability, just putting a cap on how many targets a line can cc or putting a cd on removing its stacks likely would’ve been fair. Doing both makes it pretty easy to walk off attempts to cc, beside rng fear on boon corrupt.

Anti-Boonshare suggestions

in WvW

Posted by: Vova.2640


Absolutely NOT to this suggestion. You are basically asking anet to nerf boons and buff conditions. Conditions are already OP enough as they are…
Maybe if in return condis also get some changes, then this could work.. but condis do not need to be any stronger than they are already… if something they need to be tuned down…

I do agree that some boons are really annoying and with boonshare it is even worse. It looks like boonshares are getting nerfed very soon so we have to see how it plays out..

Look at how effective someone is in a full Soldiers set.
Look at how effective someone is in a full Dire set.
Nice balance.