Vote to Delete Servers!! Make new Worlds!

Vote to Delete Servers!! Make new Worlds!

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Posted by: SkyShroud.2865


Merging is permanent combination of servers elsewhere linking is temporary combination of servers. If linking isn’t helping, why would you even think merging will do anything?

Blow it up can work if and only if the new system is designed to direct instead of being directed. In other words, currently the system is easily exploitable due its fundamental simple design concept.

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Vote to Delete Servers!! Make new Worlds!

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I really do not think Anet not many players understand “exponential”.

We’re being forced to play ‘out of tier’ which makes for a very empty week in WvW – I can prove it but Anet doesn’t want anyone to do that.

Scores tell the story, look at the score and the huge difference between scores where ppk and ppt are one sided and usually the ‘other two’ (from one to THREE in one servers) are left with few people on EBG and none on two bls and maybe one or two on the home BL.

If anyone can’t see this as a problem, maybe Anet should just shut down servers ‘at night’ when the lowest populations of the ‘losing servers’ can’t be taken advantage of.

Or we can undo the links, have a dedicated WvW channel that can broadcast on all maps and raise the Vitality by ten times at the very least.

Why the latter?

How is it a ‘fight’ if one is oneshotted or stunned, interrupted and dazed by a whole two against five?

Just happened to me – for over half an hour, with less than 10 people ON EBG, outnumbered, losing properties and being overwhelmed by smaller numbers and interuptus disease – this scenario plays out over and over and over – a useless fight unless you add a LOT more life and make a FIGHT a chance TO FIGHT.

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Vote to Delete Servers!! Make new Worlds!

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Posted by: Strider Pj.2193

Strider Pj.2193

We actually had a conflict with our own linked server the other day. The commanders from the smaller, linked server refused to cooperate with our server, effectively meaning we had a split and non cooperative force on a borderland. Usually the smaller server falls into line with the larger, but it was only a matter of time before we ran into a smaller server with a strong identity and it has caused a lot of tension and ill feeling.
I have a lot of sympathy for their stance, as smaller linked servers are losing their identity and its about time one of them fought back and tried to keep it. Unfortunately it hurts our matchup and is not going down well for anyone.

Now you have LOW END servers paired with TOP end servers and low end servers getting rolled over cause they stand no chance,
E.G. SoS is a rank 7 server and they are fighting a Rank 1 and Rank 3 server.
This demoralizes the people on the low end server that is Rank 23 to not even play all week which means SoS takes a hard loss. End result is WvW becomes less active and more like a ghost town.

Right now no one on our server has really played WvW, to start with someone siege locked up in one night

SoS has played harder than most servers. They are in the tier one matchup because of one up, one down. So, get rid of one up, one down? Because the reason the other servers aren’t facing BG is that they intentionally tank. SoS actually fights. It’s been refreshing.

Did your server come out last week! When it was facing the tier two servers? Because evidently someone played.

The system stinks, but blowing them all up and forcing people to possibly be split up from their guilds.

Honestly, the way it is now should let people see how pointless it is to win. As some servers are tanking to go down and ‘win’ against lower servers..

Vote to Delete Servers!! Make new Worlds!

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Posted by: Reaper Alim.4176

Reaper Alim.4176

If the other servers are tanking in-order to not fight the overstacked BG population that no full server with links might I add, can come close to achieving. Then wouldn’t the more logical thing to do. Will be to just close off the the only problematic server, by their own making in WvW? Give them free transfers, since other servers are dying of population.

This is a clear case of what happens when the few is allow to screw things up for the many. I’ve talked to some ex BG players and they mostly say the same thing. Their is no community on that server. Just abunch of players who just abused the mechanics of the population counter, to grant themselves a huge unfair advantage against the other servers.

So in my eyes it should be no lost to the WvW community. If these cheaters was to suffer for their crimes in order for the rest of the servers, to not “HAVE TO TANK”., in order to not face the bunch of cheaters that is BG.

Only server in WvW that needs to be blown up is BG. They should suffer for cheating and purposely creating. A place where servers are forced to either tank, or not play for the week. Because these people knowingly exploited the population counter.

All that being said. None of these options will happen. Because the devs are happy with having grievers and cheaters in their game. Making game life miserable for the many others, in their game in both PvP and WvW mode. When PoF release expect to see BG open up again. Because this is GW2.

So instead of daring to complain about the people. Doing what the can to not face this server of vipers and cheaters. People should be complaining that BG is allowed to exist, even after being brought to the light, for their intentional cheating on a mass scale, as a server. Or People should be trying to convince ANet to just get rid of the full server status. Then allow all servers the opportunity to stack like BG and beyond.

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Vote to Delete Servers!! Make new Worlds!

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Posted by: Strider Pj.2193

Strider Pj.2193

Man… not the most salty post.. but close. So.. BG is the big evil? Wow. No mention of the alliance? Or what they did?

Yes, BG is an issue. But more about the mechanisms they were able to put into place. Other servers did it. Just failed. We’re people this salty about JQ being the number one NA server for the first three years?

Vote to Delete Servers!! Make new Worlds!

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