WvW may have some serious bugs

WvW may have some serious bugs

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Posted by: Heatsink.5794


Problem #1 : I’m seeing instances where my character is downed but the log shows the character shouldn’t be. The log damage adds up to less than my character’s HP. This just happened and the log shows my character had 1,000 HP left when downed. I thought maybe it was caused by HP changes by moving in/out of buff ranges from towers, etc. But after testing repeatedly, this isn’t what’s going on. The character shouldn’t have been downed. I’ve sent in tickets on this after taking screenshots.

Problem #2 : The server is delivering enemy attacks in clumps instead of delivering them on time. This is a game-breaker. A single character can bomb someone and if this happens, the opposing player can do nothing about it because all the damage comes in at once from 4-5 attacks. I thought maybe lag was causing it, but my network monitor recorded my client at 55ms ping with zero packetloss.