ArenaNet Survey: Week of November 23, 2016

ArenaNet Survey: Week of November 23, 2016

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Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager


We received a couple of tickets from Guild Wars 2 account holders asking about a survey e-mail they received. It’s great that they checked with us, and we admire their attention to security!

Yes, ArenaNet is conducting a survey this week. We’ve partnered with C+R Research, and they are e-mailing the survey on our behalf to a modest number of players. Because the number if small, the chances are that you will not receive the e-mail with the survey. However, we wanted to post about it in case you did or do receive such a mail, so you would know it’s a legitimate process.

One note: As always, we recommend (and in fact the e-mail suggests) that you copy and paste a URL into your browser, rather than clicking an embedded link in an e-mail. Sometimes fraudulent people and organizations display a “link” but in fact what you see is not where you go. By copying and pasting, you know exactly where you are heading on the ’Net.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events