Karma Changes: Temporary Rollback

Karma Changes: Temporary Rollback

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Posted by: Regina Buenaobra

Regina Buenaobra

Content Marketing Lead

Hi everybody,

Today we made adjustments to karma where the amount of karma granted from consumable karma items was increased and karma boosts no longer affected the amount of karma gained from consumable items.

We intended to message this change ahead of time to be fair to everyone, however this did not happen, and we apologize for not giving you advance notice.

The lack of advance warning resulted in some people losing out on karma that they would have otherwise gained by using boosts with the karma they’d saved up.

We will be temporarily rolling back the karma change in a hotfix to allow people the opportunity to turn in their karma with any buffs they intended to use. This temporary rollback will be in effect until the game update on September 3.

  • Please note, while this temporary rollback is in effect: the in-game text for the karma consumables booster found on the Gem Store will incorrectly state that it does not affect karma gained from consumable items.

We will also be reimbursing the people who used their karma during the period when the initial change was in effect with as close to the correct amount of karma as possible.

We’re really sorry about the frustration this caused and we will make every effort in the future to make you aware of changes like this ahead of time.

Content Marketing Lead
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