Mike Zadorojny on Beta Rollout of Looking for Group Tool

Mike Zadorojny on Beta Rollout of Looking for Group Tool

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Posted by: Stephane Lo Presti

Stephane Lo Presti

Content Marketing Manager, French

Hey everyone,

With Tuesday’s release we are gearing up to launch the new Looking For Group tool for Guild Wars 2. As the system comes online, our primary focus is with the quality and the stability. To ensure a solid rollout, we’ll turn on the LFG tool in beta form to a subset of players. As the week goes on, we’ll periodically unlock the system to additional groups of players.

In Tuesday’s release notes, you’ll see the complete list of what the feature will do once we’ve fully unlocked the system. However, during the beta rollout not everyone will be able to use the LFG tool and the World vs. World subcategories will be disabled.

The Looking for Group feature has been highly requested and we’re excited to be this close to its final release, but quality is paramount. Therefore, we ask for your patience and understanding while we work through this phased beta rollout and with any problems we encounter.

Mike Zadorojny
& the Looking For Group team