Question about weaver

Question about weaver

in Elementalist

Posted by: Axl.8924


Is weaver power?

I was messing around different elements noticing some healing and support which was pretty cool, but it seems as if weaver is mostly power, is it?

Have any of you gone into indepth testing?

Question about weaver

in Elementalist

Posted by: FrownyClown.8402


It depends. The traits offer good damage for thing like a wvw staff ele, and it offers good survivability against power builds from barrier.

Sword is most definately a hybrid that uses condi and power. It has potential as a power weapon but you are losing out on half of your skills potential damage since its all burn/bleed and terrible power scaling.

For staff there is alot of potential for high damage in wvw by going weaver/air/fire.

The superspeed build seems nice in theory but is limited because it locks you out of your attunements for 4 seconds making FA builds not as affective

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