A build? Solo PvE/WvW/PvP - Hybrid CQB

A build? Solo PvE/WvW/PvP - Hybrid CQB

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Posted by: takatsu.9416


Just want to share what I do in case there are any weirdos like me who don’t quite fit in with the meta


I’m certainly not the best mesmer and this build isn’t exactly complete yet, there are loose ends. I’m sure someone out there might be able to optimize it (especially numbers) and play it well, in fact the runes are dumb but I like using them for constant swiftness while traveling) and sigils are all subject to change, there’s one or two trait selections that could be changed such as possibly opting for Mirror of Anguish in WvW or PvP, or boosting Scepter speed for extra clone production with Malicious Sorcery, but this is something close to what I’ve been running and has served me well in solo play in PvE, solo WvW roaming and the occasional PvP, and really fits my play style perfectly. I honestly haven’t been enjoying chrono even though it performs well and prefer core mesmer trait lines. Well I’m not experienced at PvP but this build concept has let me kicksomebut when I go. I have one or two pieces of armor with toughness in game, but even without toughness or vitality, it’s been a build where I found it near impossible to down or die in, no matter the situation, soloing lots of champs, big group events, etc, and I love playing solo and challenging myself with what seems impossible.

Yes it uses PU (I’ll probably get some eye rolls) but has several great layers from my experience playing with it!


Key Components (Abundance of:)

Blocks and Evades
- Low cd scepter 2 and oh sword 4 blocks
- Mh sword 2 evade
- Torch 4 or Decoy aegis/protection boons
- Distortion Shatter
- Successful dodges
- All of which triggers iDefender (24 s cd, Mental Defense Trait)
- Successful weapon block skills generates clone + iDefender at the same time

Constant Damage
- I’ve found the build to perform smoothly and consistently with “constant” illusion generation and shatter rotations (even more if you swap AT or Blink for Mirror Images)
- Power and Condition bursts are nice, though more for keeping the pressure on over time

- 12 s cd Mirror Heal
- Arcane Thievery
- Blink
- Mass Invisibility
- Distortion Shatter

Condi Cleanse
- Shatters (can remove 4 condi w/ 1 shatter)
- 12 s cd Mirror Heal
- 20 s cd Arcane Thievery
- Torch 4
- All of which are “offensive” tools as well

Supplementary Components

Detargeting and Boon Stealth
- Torch 4
- Decoy
- MI
- Aegis, Protection, Regeneration, Might, Swiftness

- 12 s cd Mirror Heal
- Three Illusion Shatter Heals
- Regen boons from stealth, health below 75%,

Helpful Extras
- 8 might stacks from Sword 5
- Shatter Might stacks
- Might from Stealth
- Regen also gives Protection
- Defender reduces incoming damage
- Retailiation on all phantasms (Defender, Mage, Swordsman)



- there are almost always 3 illusions up
- don’t worry about shattering Phantasms after they hit!
- Of course some improv is necessary, heals, dazes, reflects, throwing back some condi, blink out, boons from stealth, etc…
- Overall, even without a sure rotation, it is all about responding to enemies and an abundance of defensive and offensive options all at the same time, pretty constantly…
- a lot of these things are layered so they automatically trigger while you’re doing something else…
- it’s been fun and active for me to play, and often you can tank a lot in melee range
- the illusion production has actually felt very continuous almost as if having dodge clones or mirror images by default already
- and the stealthing makes it feel half like a thief, I know it might be annoying for others to deal with

If anyone wants to improve this thing, feel free to let me know how it does for you or what you think!

Thanks for listening

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