Elite Specialization : Charmer

Elite Specialization : Charmer

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Hey everyone!

So just created a new Elite Specialization for when we head back over to the Canthan region. This build definitely took me roughly 2 days to think about and work on but I hope you guys like it.This is meant to be a fun idea from pure imagination but hey, if it gets implemented in the game somehow then that will be a bonus!

Enter Mu Kaye-Ling or Mu for short. Mu is an androgynous character. He is friendly, seductive, sassy, sweet, humble and yet a bit feral. Mu grew up as a canthan street rat in Kaineng City. Though his faith and prayers to the Goddess Lyssa were strong,
his latent mesmer gifts remained dormant. It was until he ventured off just to the docks where he noticed the new Empress had ordered some Tengu and few
canthan peasants out of the city forever. It was at that moment that a tengu by the name of Valken Ravenwing commented on his beauty and told him to become
something more so he wouldn’t be flushed out of the city like the rest them. It struck a cord in him and it was then that Mu vowed to better himself as a person
and make enough coin to open up his own lounge – an escape if you will, somewhere far south of the city away from the Empress’ rule. A place for everyone of
any race to call home.

As the years went by, Mu’ delved into thievery by means of using his female-like features to manipulate noble men and guards for their coins. The thrill and
adrenaline is what kept him going, but it was then that people started to talk, to catch on and that was when he became wanted. Then just as some royal guards found his
hiding spot, his powers manifested out of fear and was then able to charm those with his magic, making them see what they wanted to.

He then combined the thievery he had done trying to survive the streets of the city, his looks and his new found power to charm his way to the top. He later then was able
to open his sanctuary calling it the House of Kaye-Ling (or Garden of Mu, whichever sounds better), as he dreamed of. With his new found guardian Valken Ravenwing,
he almost seemed untouchable. It was until that one day, a mysterious hero from overseas sought his technique.

And that is why I decided to call this new Elite Specialization: the Charmer. A person with an atrractive and engaging personality, typically one
who uses this to impress or manipulate others.

The Charmer elite focuses on damage, boons and interrupting your foes. Bringing back a bit of interrupting and fast casting from the original game, with a dash of tricks
from the thief class. This specialization gives you access to daggers, being able to wield both in the main hand and off hand. Mesmers gain access to the new F5 skill Manifest Whip, which allows you to channel chaotic energy into your main hand dagger, manifesting it into an illusionary whip. Giving you range and just a sense of domination to whip your foes hard enough to make them kneel, just as Mu likes’em.

Elite Specialization : Charmer

in Mesmer

Posted by: Tseison.4659


Below is a list of all the skills, traits, runes and armor the Charmer gets:


Illusionary Whip You manifest an illusionary whip onto your dagger in your main hand. Giving you new whip based attacks that hit your foe at 900 range. 10s cooldown
Skill 1 = Lash at your foe dealing damage > Lash at your foe dealing damage and inflicting 2s of confusion > Lash at your foe again dealing critical damage and inflicting 2 stacks of confusion for 2s
Skill 2 = _Trip your foe, dealing damage and crippling them for 2s. Activate again to lash out and disarm your foe, dealing damage and inflicting slow for 2s.
Skill 3 = _Lash at your opponents mind, creating a clone of them that attacks them (with dagger skill 1). Your foe is dealt a bit of damage when their clone is hit. Damage done tot he can only happen once every 5 seconds.



Dagger Skill 1:
Strike your foe, dealing damage and inflicting 2s of bleeding. > Strike your foe, dealing damage and inflicting 2s of bleeding. > Strike a deep wound into your foe, dealing critical damage and inflicting 2 stacks of bleeding for 4s.

Dagger Skill 2:
x2 Charges
Throw a dagger at your opponent that bounces to other enemies and converting 1 boon into confusion. (Yes if a boon on you has a 30s duration, it’ll be turned into a stack of confusion thats lasting 30s. Or if you had protection on you for 6s, it gets turned into confusion for 6s and so forth. The boon removed is at random.)

Dagger Skill 3:
You do an evasive roll around your foe, dealing damage, inflicting confusion and summoning a clone beside you

Dagger Skill 4:
Sends an illusionary assassin to shadowstep and unleash fierce attacks on your opponent. Number of hits: 5 (attacks once every 10s)

Dagger Skill 5:
Sling your dagger at your foe, dealing damage and confusing them for 3s. After a 3s delay, your opponent is randomly displaced to a random location. You can activate again to displace them early.



Illusion of Weakness: For the next 3s, you deal no damage but damage you would’ve done heals you instead. (You’re still able to inflict conditions and CC)



Captivate: The next attack against you deals less damage and taunts your foe for 2s.


Misdirection: Tether to your foe for 4s, conditions you get go to them instead and boons they receive go to you instead.


An illusionary fan, fans in a arch, sending a powerful gust of wind, knocking foes away and blowing 1 condition off allies.


You detarget yourself and dash a long range to target location


Become an illusion of yourself with less health and damage. When the effect ends, you return to your normal form OR when your illusion form is shattered by your enemies, you return back to your normal form.


Minor Proficiency: Dagger Proficiency
You can wield daggers in both hands.
Minor Adept
Gain illusionary manifestation, allowing you to switch between dagger for melee or whip. Gain access to tricks.
Major Adept
Interrupting a foe reduces all of your cooldowns by 2s.
Major Adept
Your illusions gain additional critical chance against foes with confusion.
Major Adept
Your illusions attacks have a 66% chance to daze for ¼s.

Minor Master1
Your illusions critical hits inflict 2s of confusion.
Major Master
Every 10s, you lose a condition and summon a clone on your target.
Major Master
When reduced below 50% health, you gain illusionary cocoon, granting you barrier.
Major Master
Gain bonuses for each dagger you equip: Main hand: Deal more damage to foes without boons, but dagger skills have increased cooldown by 2s. Whip: Deal more damage to foes with boons, but whip skills have increased cooldown by 2s. Off hand: off hand dagger skills recharge 20% faster and grant a stack of might and fury for 3s when a skill is used.

Minor Grandmaster
You gain a random boon for 5s each time you summon an illusion.
Major Grandmaster
Gain a charge each time you score a critical hit. After enough charges, your next hit will daze your target for ¼s.
Major Grandmaster
Your tricks grant you quickness and alacrity for 2s.
Major Grandmaster
When illusion of weakness ends, it lingers for an additional 3s and heals you overtime. Pulses: 3 Interval: 1


Rune of the Charmer
(1): +25 power
(2): +5% concentration
(3): +50 power
(4): 25% chance when struck to daze nearby foes for 2s. (20s cooldown)
(5) +100 power
(6) +15% concentration, dazing a foe grants you might for 6s.

The daggers almost share a resemblance with the Komalie’s Sacrificial Blade but has etchings in them that glow a light purple as they are flowing with mesmer magic.

The armor piece you get with this spec is a purple/white goldish butterfly that hugs your arm. When you’re in combat, it shatters into the signature mesmer butterflies that spawn when you shatter. The butterflies hover so gracefully around your character.

Just a small note: _"Yes I will be editing this post here and there to fix/change skills and also add some stuff to it. So currently this post is INCOMPLETE as I wanted to get this out to you guys and will finish it up soon, I promise! Hope you guys like it!"