[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: Fay.2357


Ok, last one! Please post feedback relevant to mirage PvE performance here. I’ll try to keep the op updated to reflect the general thoughts posted on this thread.

[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: Refia Montes.3205

Refia Montes.3205

Since this spec is selfish with all its traits it makes sense the first thing we’ll look at is its potential as a DPS spec. Firstly, the traits only point to only one possible role, which is Condi DPS. We already had a Condi DPS spec so we will just be replacing one of the traitlines we use, which might be Chaos.

It doesn’t change much from our current niche build and will just add more skills to the rotation, including Jaunt, Crystal Sands and Sceptre Ambush. Don’t even bother traiting for Infinite Horizon, cause Pistol Phantasms are still way better than Axe Clones.

Overall it just sucks, because it plays like core Mesmer and limits into one possible build only.


[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: Carighan.6758


My big worry in regards to damage performance is the contradiction between:

  • Clones with Infinite Horizon doing ambush attacks with us. This was sort-of hinted at to be the main “meat” of the spec.
  • Phantasms not doing ambush attacks with us, even with Infinite Horizon.
  • Shatter working against the rest of our class mechanics, even though this isn’t anything new.

I feel for the Mirage, at the very least we’d need something like Infinite Horizon baseline and every third AA generating a clone with all weapons to be a viable DPS spec.

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[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: Levetty.1279


To be viable in PvE it just needs damage increases across the board. Axe, utilities, ambush attacks.

Increase power and conditions on axe auto attack, ambush and the axe trait. Conditions in particular because then we can replace phantasms with axe clones doing ambushes. With them being easier to set up then phantasms, we can switch target, reduce ramp up times and maybe even throw shatters into rotations and they do cleave.

If they increase damage on axe 2 and 3, particularly power then they will be fairly decent damage on a short cooldown which would help Mesmer a lot in PvE.

Also bring back clones doing damage, either baseline or a Mirage or even Mesmer trait.

The added effect of phantasm summons should have thier damage increased. They should also use your idea of Memsers doing the Phantasm attack instead and then summoning a clone. Phantasmal Force becomes a stacking % damage buff to Mesmer everytime they use one of these attacks, or give themselves might, but now they wear off instead of being permanent. Maybe even add that to base Mesmer.

[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: FJSAMA.2867


Axe #2 clone shouldnt replace a phantasm (when 3 up). This will cripple our dps.

Phantasms should have synergy with ambushes, for example, ambush on phantasms refresh their skill cd.

[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: Arshay Duskbrow.1306

Arshay Duskbrow.1306

There is no reason to ever run this over Chronomancer or even core condi Mesmer. Elite specs are supposed to bring new mechanics and new roles – and for every other profession but Mesmer, that’s what they’re getting.

After five years, shatters remain untouched. The inherent contradiction of Mesmer design, that you want us to both sustain illusions AND shatter them, has not been addressed, and will not be addressed by Mirage either in its current form.

There is still time. Please boldly and courageously make drastic changes to the fundamental design of this spec, incorporating new F-key mechanics. Remove our shatters and replace them with something. Make our phantasms into minions that don’t die when their assign targets die. Something, please.

[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: Knox.8962


I did a pretty significant level of testing on golems in as controlled an environment as I could produce over the weekend.

I tested 5 basic setups:
Core Condi Mesmer setup with Duel/Chaos/Illu using 3 pistol phantasms
Mirage setup with Duel/Illu/Mirage using scepter w/ 3 pistol phantasms and Dune Cloak
Mirage setup with Duel/Illu/Mirage using 3 axe clones and Infinite Horizon
Mirage setup with 3 axe clones using Dune Cloak
Mirage setup with 3 pistol phantasms using Dune Cloak

I reset the DPS meter after I had ramped up all 3 phantasms/clones to measure the steady state DPS of each setup

I smacked the golem for about 10 minutes on each setup, to try to normalize the RNG from other people around.

My results from testing were as follows:

Core Condi Mes 8.7k DPS
Mirage scepter w/ 3 pistols 9.2k
Mirage 3 axe clones and Infinite Horizon – 10.8k
Mirage 3 axe clones using Dune Cloak – 11.4k
Mirage a/p w/ 3 pistols and Dune Cloak – 11.9k

Obviously these results are subject to some level of variance due to the fairly chatoic environment around testing, but I ran multiple trials for each setup and the results were pretty directionally consistent across all of them. Fully buffed PvE performance will obviously differ due to gear availability and buffs, but I don’t expect the pecking order to vary wildly given the consistency I was able to produce these results.

[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: tobascodagama.2961


After five years, shatters remain untouched. The inherent contradiction of Mesmer design, that you want us to both sustain illusions AND shatter them, has not been addressed, and will not be addressed by Mirage either in its current form.

This is the fundamental problem with releasing Mirage after Chronomancer. Chrono band-aid patched our broken Phantasm mechanics. Mirage rips off the band-aid again.

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[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: Zenith.7301



Phantasms need to be made a one strike summon with a 8-10 sec cooldown and increased damage to account for only one phantasm strike.

Phantasms can then be the mesmer’s version of 100 blades or thief’s vault.

By making phantasms not permanent illusions that take up illusion slots, PvE mesmers are allowed to use shatter in the rotation without crippling their sustained DPS.

Until the issue of phantasms competing with clones for shatter slots (and phantasms not giving a higher payout than clones when shattered despite their larger opportunity cost in shattering them) is resolved, mesmer will continue to suffer.

I also wish the mental anguish inactive condition for PvE were removed, and Power Block is also worthless in PvE thanks to breakbars and that has never been addressed. Why does a grandmaster also only boost the greatsword? That might application from clone and autoattacks should apply to mainhand sword as well.

Another issue with mesmer is how the class who is supposed to be about domination sucks at breakbars without the chrono spec.

Mantra of Distraction does virtually such abysmal breakbar damage, the only skills which do any meaningful breakbar damage are two signets, one on a 60 sec cd and the other on a whopping 180 cd.

Why does Signet of Humility have a 180 sec cd in PvE? All it does is breakbar damage, it should be a 30 sec cd at most. Revenant staff and ranger do similar breakbar damage on a tiny fraction of the cd. Won’t even mention thief or warrior.

Mesmer should be one of the top CC/breakbar classes in the game. It simply isn’t.

Most of mesmer’s CC is so niche, tied to either pistol, gutting your DPS by using diversion since it shatters phantasms.

Why does mantra of pain have such a pathetic effect? 8 stacks of might for a pitiful 5 seconds. How is that remotely useful in PvE, especially when the active ability also does no more damage than a single autoattack.

Please do something about mesmer dps in PvE. The traits and utilities suck. We have 2 signets tied to conditions but not a single one tied to power. Signet of Inspiration is mostly used for the active since the passives are so bad in combat.

We don’t ever use the utility phantasms because as said already, they compete for illusion slots, gutting dps. The utility phantasms aren’t that great at what they do, either.

Then we have spellbreaker, which has a version of null field that is significantly better. while null field and Feedback are inferior to other class counterparts.

Guardian’s Wall of Reflection lasts longer and has a shorter cd than Feedback.

All mesmer offers in PvE is alacrity via chrono, and quickness (also via chrono).

Mesmer will never be able to be played as anything but chrono until you address the deficits the class has in other roles that are not support.

[Feedback] Mirage PvE Performance

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Posted by: zealex.9410


There hasnt really been any chance to test stuff in ove to tell. It easy to say the class is weak/strong but what we see now might be split from pve.