Imaginary Axes - sound effect

Imaginary Axes - sound effect

in Mesmer

Posted by: Curunen.8729


When traiting Axe, the amount of rattling from phantasmal axes flying all over the place on every skill and ambush is unbelievably irritating. It is ruining my experience of Axe, which otherwise I am enjoying a lot in terms of visual effects, animations and so on.

I mean, untraited sure I can cope with the rattling in small doses – but traited it’s non-stop “tick tick tick tick” which is driving me crazy. Worse than Alacrity tbh.

I might post this also on reddit because out of all the issues with Mirage I’m getting to the stage where this is the single most annoying feature of the elite spec and I hope the audio devs redo the sound effect for this.