Mirage Gameplay Montage!

Mirage Gameplay Montage!

in Mesmer

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Just sharing my clips! Enjoy!

Click for vid!

just my ytb channel


Mirage Gameplay Montage!

in Mesmer

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No replies? I guess people don’t want to see this. ;-)

Very very nice, thanks for sharing!

I love how it stands in opposition to many of the core complaints about Mirage on this very board. Maybe a lot of it is justt a L2P/adapt issue? ;-)

1) It’s Power Mirage…whut!? I thought this was a 100% pure Condie spec and was “useless” to Power Mesmers?
2) It uses GS!? What! No way! Clearly Mirage is terrible for GS simply because the Ambush skill is weak!

I only tested GS briefly myself, and I too agree the Ambush skill is weak, but I do remember thinking that Mirage Cloak would be pretty nice to use in combination with a MB to set up a 2 clone MW with DE almost instantly and while taking almost no damage yourself. I tested it and it was very nice damage on Golems, and ofc Sword mobility is awesome —clearly proven in that video-- but I didn’t actually try it in a match. (Kinda sad now that I didn’t.)

Although I agree that Mirage still leaves much to be desired, especially the Deceptions, Ambush, and the Axe skills need some tweaks or even reworks…but Mirage is overall not nearly as terrible as some people want to make it out to be. (There is IMO plenty of time to make needed adjustments, which is not to say “everything we wish for it to be.”)

I know some people will say “bah! It was WvW not PvP!” but clearly the video speaks for itself. You can do very much the same thing in PvP. Now if that is desireable for team-play, or even if it ends up being more powerful/desireable than Chrono is NOT the issue here. It would have been flat out wrong if Anet set that as their goal!

I won’t mind if Mirage turns out to be simply a different —but effective-- way of playing a Mesmer, even if Chrono is clearly the better grouping Elite. As long as it has it’s own character, and excels in some significant aspects, it will be a welcome option for Mesmers.

Personally, I think it’s about 75% there, and the rest is fairly easy to do with a few tweaks to Deceptions, Axe, Mirrors, and maybe some of the Ambush skills.

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Mirage Gameplay Montage!

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Posted by: zealex.9410


Idk ppl expected mirage to be anather chrono and this clearly is a dd. Maybe treating it as such and stop qqing that it doesnt provide group utility and support.

Mirage Gameplay Montage!

in Mesmer

Posted by: apharma.3741


The ambush on sword is so very strong, excellent for getting away from being chased as shown here. Lots of teleports with jaunt, blink and mirage advance.