Mirage feedback and suggestion

Mirage feedback and suggestion

in Mesmer

Posted by: Tzozef.9841


This is my personal reaction when playing with and against Mirage-

“Huh, the Core Mesmer can do this already, arguably do this playstyle better as core, might as well stick to that.”

With the Mirage, Core Mesmer already did Condi Spec super well and efficiently, Mirage adds nothing and rather just makes running the same type of spec inconvenient to begin with and subpar traits (Weaver has same issue, I’ll get to that in a moment)

In regards to Ambush and The Mirage’s dodge mechanic. These at best are nice cosmetic changes. There is SOME potential, which is controlling clones to change different targets.

Playing against this class, it’s just a condi mesmer with an awkard dodge mechanic with a visual difference, but the playstyle is still virtually the same.

When i fight against a Firebrand, Scourge, Spellbreaker YOU FEEL THE DIFFERENCE, both playing it, and fighting against it. This is important. And they clearly do something the core prof could not do.

Suggestion -

Again, it is NOT a Concept issue… it’s WHAT IT DOES.

Right now it doesn’t have enough Clone generation for the whole Mirage mechanic to matter. And the dodge is inconsequential to the point Core Mesmer was equally more deceptive and illusive than Mirage already is. It’s just a Mesmer in the desert, does nothing different.

A lot like the edition of Continuum Split from Chronomancer, the Mirage gets something new in its Mechanic bar. TWO New CLONES

So when you look above your shatters, there are 3 circles representing the amount of phantasms/clones you have present. NOW you have 5!

With the Two Mirage Clones represented by this Diamond Shape.

How does this interact differently? When you click any of your Shatter skills, Three of your core clones/phantasms shatter, but NOT your Mirage clones (which are generated by your dodges alone)

What this does you have Two extra clones, not designed for damage, but for DEDICATED DECEPTION.

Emphasis on Dedicated!

What this does you have extra TWO clones at all times that can be used to delude and deceive your enemies, trying to guess which one is which.

This is a playstyle Mesmer don’t have, Mesmers always at some point have to shatter their Clones/Phantas to get the most use out of it. If you gave us extra two Mirage type clones designed for deception specifically via dodging. It would DO something different as intended.

Mirage feedback and suggestion

in Mesmer

Posted by: Levetty.1279


Its amazing how many ideas are being thought up over the weekend that are far better then what Anet has been working on for 2 years.

Not sarcasm. Mirage is just terrible and I am constantly seeing people come up with better iterations of it.

Mirage feedback and suggestion

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Posted by: Carighan.6758


Maybe like Scepter, Mirage needs a baseline effect that every third autoattack creates a clone?

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