[Suggestion] Mesmer attunements for mirrors

[Suggestion] Mesmer attunements for mirrors

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Posted by: ThomasC.1056



As most of people say, the mirage mirror mechanic is a bit clunky, and the whole Mirage spec is really antagonistic to shatters. Possible solutions suggested to change the F-skills, and here’s my suggestion about it.

The core idea is to provide mirrors a “for allies” next to a “for enemies” effect that trigger upon shattering the mirrors. The effect is controled by the mirage’s attunement, i.e. the F-skill. Roughly, the “illusions shattering” becomes a “mirror shattering”.

  • Mirrors will always provide Mirage cloak upon shattering ;
  • Now, mirrors can be shattered by enemies and the player ;
  • Using a F-skill (changing attunement) turns all the mirrors into clones, and trigger the shatter effect. The clones creation follows the usual rules ;
  • All the shatter traits will be triggered upon mirror shatter (and maybe toned down a bit).

Every mirror created will have upon shattering effects depending on the attunement.
Depending on attunement, shattering a mirror will apply effects on enemies :

  • Mind wrack : deals damage
  • Cry of frustration : applies confusion
  • Diversion : dazes enemies (1/4s)
  • Distortion : applies weakness.

Depending on attunement, shattering a mirror will apply effects on allies :

  • Mind wrack : plain heal
  • Cry of frustration : provides alacrity
  • Diversion : gives endurance
  • Distortion : provides superspeed

Feel free to comment. I’m confident it’ll never be aired in game, but I needed to pull it out of my mind.