Yet another idea on how to fix Mirage

Yet another idea on how to fix Mirage

in Mesmer

Posted by: TdcTaz.9703


Mirage introducing 3 mechanics to Mesmer;

- Mirage Cloak
- Ambush
- Mirage Mirror

I think that one way of making Mirage interesting and fun would be to borrow a bit from how the Holosmith trait lines work and make each of the trait lines vertical, and have each vertical line changes how the 3 new mechanics above works.

Most of the weapon skills and abilities I would leave as they are (do some adjusting to the numbers so they are balanced), but add I would add a Mirage Mirror too all of the basic Deception utilities since that is the core mechanic of Mirage and is what is going to make the worth using.

Here is an example idea of how to make Mirage Cloak, Ambushes and Mirage Mirrors fun, integrate with existing mechanics and still worth using:

Minor Mirage Cloak:
Gain Mirage Cloak instead of dodge rolling and gain Superspeed when you gain Mirage Cloak.
Major Mirage Cloak:
Gaining mirage cloak reduces the recharge of axe and desception skills by 2 seconds
Major Mirage Cloak:
Gaining mirage cloak breaks stun and convert 1 condition into a boon
Major Mirage Cloak:
When you gain mirage cloaks use Sand Shards. Conditions applied to bleeding foes have increased duration.

Minor Ambush:
Ambush skills become available for a short time (2 sec) whenever you gain Mirage Cloak, for you and your clones
Major Ambush:
When making an ambush attack each phantasm is split into 2 clones that each makes an ambush attacks, if there are more than 3 clones after the ambush then any excess clones is destroyed
Major Ambush:
Illusions’ actions are interrupted when they change focus to the targeted foe, reduce attack cooldown of any phantasm by 4 seconds
Major Ambush:
When entering combat, your first Ambush attack applies torment and confusion. This ability refreshes when you use a Shatter skill

Minor Mirror:
Mirage mirror gives vigor. All shatter skills activates all mirage mirros with in 1200 – activating multiple mirage mirrors at once applies mirage cloak once
Major Mirror:
Mirage mirrors last for 10 seconds. When being activated via a shatter skill all active mirrors also adds that shatter effect at the mirror it self. (Mirage mirrors can only hit the same target once)
Major Mirror:
Activating a mirage mirror also spawns a clone and gives all clones super speed for 4 seconds
Major Mirror:
Grants 1 second of stealth and a random boon

Yet another idea on how to fix Mirage

in Mesmer

Posted by: Windwalker.7421


No offense, but many people can come up with some neat ideas, but they are all too time-intensive to code at this point. They also merely represent each person’s individual idea of Mirage, when we already have Devs idea of what Mirage is.

And quite frankly, it’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. It just needs a few tweaks, so going by your 3 points:

Mirage Cloak
Not really much needed for this. The main gripe would be a little more access to Endurance, as we are now using our Dodges offensively, but will still need them defensively as well. (Especially the False Oasis heal should provide a significant amount of Endurance and not Vigor.)

Also make Super Speed last a tad longer.

Increase activation Window significantly (~100% or more), and improve some of the Ambush attacks. (Faster projectiles for Staff, more damage for Sword & GS, faster activations, etc.)

Mirage Mirror
Last but probably the most in need of improvements of the 3. You already alluded to it, make it last at least 8 seconds to provide more tactical play. (Maybe even clear a condition for extra credit!)

Then make Jaunt 500-600 range, give False Oasis a Water Field and 25s CD, and fix Axe up a bit too.

All of that is nothing but minor tweaks to each of the existing abilities. Nothing fancy, and it’ll get the job done and make Mirage a great Elite.

Extra Credit: Tweak Deceptions as most of them will not see playtime in their current state.