idea for an unique mesmer ability

idea for an unique mesmer ability

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Posted by: Arzurag.7506


suggestion for a new ability, probably for the next elite-specialization:

You can summon three clones. These are perfect clones mimicking every single action, be it jumping or dodging or attacking and they can copy every ability of its summoner, using it themselves with 75% effectivness.
They cannot be damaged nor affected by cc.
They don´t lose a target out of sight so stealth doesn´t work on them. That counts in two ways. They cannot be stealthed and cannot be confused by stealth.
They deal only 75% of its user´s damage.
Only melee-weapons work with them that means you are limited to close combat.
If you equip a range weapon, they mimick regardless but with 5 seconds delay.

They are summoned only for one target but if you attack another one in a short period of time (3 seconds) they don´t disappear and start attacking the new target.
Recasting the ability lets you switch the place with the first clone summoned.

ideas for additional traits:

-each clone gets three hearts (9 hearts total), if an attack or ability hits you, one heart disappears. if three hearts disappear the first clone summoned disappears as well.


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