Scourge coefficients

Scourge coefficients

in Necromancer

Posted by: Drarnor Kunoram.5180

Drarnor Kunoram.5180

Note: F-skills appear to function as Utility skills, so Power coefficients are more difficult to calculate. Tooltips don’t change when swapping from Scepter/Torch to Staff.

Sand Cascade: .76 Healing Power
Desert Shroud: .625 Healing Power
Sand Flare: Barrier: 1.5 Healing Power Healing: 1.1 Healing Power
Serpent Siphon: 1.24 Healing Power
Sand Swell: .75 Healing Power
Desert Empowerment: .91 Healing Power

Harrowing Wave (Torch 4): .77 Power
Oppressive Collapse (Torch 5): 1.16

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