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I loved the Scourge so far from what I’ve played. Anyways,this is not why I’m here. I don’t know if this will carry over to the actual launch of PoF but if you jump while channeling one of your F1 sand buddies you’ll cancel the actual summoning and you’ll have used up one of the three. You won’t get it back before you summon whatever you have left and the CD set in.

Also,it seems some kind of movement,jumping or being immobilized will cancel the Scourge’ Punishment Portal. Portal won’t happen and you’ll just stay there. Is it supposed to be like that?

EDIT: The Immobilize canceling the portal might be because the portal initially tries to move you to the other end but if you’re immobilized you’re stuck,thus the portal fails to even show up.
EDIT 2: I guess this is why the skill is now disabled?

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