Shades and trait synergy

Shades and trait synergy

in Necromancer

Posted by: Daniel Handler.4816

Daniel Handler.4816

All traits that mention shroud still work with the elite spec.

  • Any trait that mentions shroud one, such as dhuumfire, will proc with all shade skills (f1 – f5) Once by your shades and once by you. You and your shades cannot overlap. So if you and three shades are next to a target and you use f1 – f5, dhuumfire will put out five stacks of burn.
  • Any trait that mentions entering shroud activates on f5. Any trait that mentions being in shroud activates for f5’s 6 sec duration. Any trait that mentions leaving shroud activates when f5 ends.
  • transfusion activates on f4 for the same healing and pulses as core and reaper, but the pulses are slower.
  • traits that mentions your shroud amount are unchanged.
  • unholy sanctuary activates f5 if you take a lethal blow
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