Suggested change to Beastmode skills

Suggested change to Beastmode skills

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Posted by: psizone.8437


I suggest that we swap the current Beastmode F2 skills to the F1 position and give us access to each individual pets actual F2 skills whilst in Beastmode.

The pets F2 skills are more useful, more powerful and more interesting that what we have access to at the moment and I feel like having them in Beastmode would put us closer to being on par with other Elite specs in terms of usefulness.

For examples:

  • Wyverns: Instead of having Tail Lash and Wing Buffet, we’d have Wing Buffet and Lightning Assault/Consuming Flame. This change would allow us to choose between power or conditions and buff each playstyle by a decent amount.
  • Smokescale: Instead of Takedown and Smoke Assault, we’d have Smoke Assault and Smoke Cloud. Cooldowns can be adjusted but it’s a considerably more interesting ability.

The list can go on, but for times sake: We’d have access to more condition damage, more interesting power damaging abilities, more condition removal and more, well, everything.

Plus, it makes more sense. Currently some pets give abilities that don’t match their Archetypes. Fire Wyvern gives a condition damage buff but gives us access to a power move and a knockback.

I know it might be a lot of work, but I feel like it’s the right way to go.

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