"Legendary" Renegade Stance

"Legendary" Renegade Stance

in Revenant

Posted by: Rikimaru.7890


Ok first of I did not play it yet so I can’t say anything about performance, although I hear mostly bad things about it.

But there is something I can say about it based on the other “Legends” the Revenant can use.
For those who never played GW1 to your information these characters the Revenant draws power from are all characters from GW1, except for “Kalla Scorchrazor”. Now that doesn’t mean she is not a Legend, but there is another reason why I find choosing her strange.
To start I will tell you about my reactions toward all the “Legends” I had when Revenant and their Elites were introduced:

- Legendary Assassin Stance (Shiro Tagachi) – "Ah the main antagonist of “Factions” if you could use his skills for real then you could wipe the floor with anyone in the game."

- Legendary Centaur Stance (Ventari) – "Oh yeah the centaur you meet in “Prophecies” and “EotN” who planted the Pale Tree along with Ronan."

- Legendary Demon Stance (Mallyx the Unyielding) – “Oh give me a break the final boss of the Domain of Anguish, you could also wipe out anyone in this game if you had access to his skills.”

- Legendary Dwarf Stance (Jalis Ironhammer) – "Yeah the King of the Dwarves before they did the whole ritual thing in “EotN”.

- Legendary Dragon Stance (Glint) – "Yeah Glint the dragon prophet, although I don’t get how can she be the “Elite” since Shiro and Mallyx are way more powerful than her."

- Legendary Renegade Stance (Kalla Scorchrazor) – “Who?????”

Yes I had no idea who that was when I first heard it so I had to look it up on wiki. Which told me she is the grandcub of Pyre Fierceshot, so I guess that’s ok, but why not use Pyre Fierceshot himself then?
Pyre Fierceshot was one of the hero’s you can get in “EotN”. He was the first to rebel against the Flame Legion. The Charr quote “The charr have no gods!” is in fact first spoken by him. And even Rytlock Brimstone says it right before fighting Gaheron Baelfire at the end of CoF Story mode.
So Pyre Fierceshot would make a far better “Legend” than Kalla Scorchrazor, even more so Pyre Fierceshot was a Ranger so his primary weapon was also a bow. So the new Elite Spec would not even require any real changes if using him instead, except maybe some skill names.

So yeah strange choice if you ask me given there is a far better choice closely related to her.

"Legendary" Renegade Stance

in Revenant

Posted by: Joxer.6024


Like many have mentioned, Renegade feels like an afterthought, so makes sense they had no clue and maybe just grabbed a name that was female? which kinda blows for us. I am hoping that all the posts have been looked at and a few changes were made. We shall soon know….

"Legendary" Renegade Stance

in Revenant

Posted by: Kodiak.3281


Kalla is pretty self explanatory all around.

Performance wise it’s long been a complaint since Revenant release with HOT that there’s no ranged Condi weapon to pair with Mace/Axe. So if you build your stats for Condi then taking Hammer (our only ranged weapon) which is Power based doesn’t make too much sense. So Shortbow and her traits really cater to the PvE condi build side of things. Unfortunately since base Revenant survivability is so low due to severe restrictions on our utilities and the fact our survivability utilities are delivered in an clunky manner (tablet) this makes giving up Herald impractical for survivability in competitive scenarios and it’s unlikely we’ll see Kalla in WvW or SPvP without heavy changes to the base Revenant class and survivability/mechanics. Her utilities will be fine in PvE but because they’re stationary pets that actually do attacks any CC on them completely negate their effects which again is disappointing for WvW/SPvP.

Lore wise I agree with the general observation that the choice for Kalla was because she was a female Charr rather than really being a good fit like Pyre would have been. A lot of the hub-bub about Kalla is the fact all her statues show Greatswords not a Short Bow. If I’m not mistaken Kalla lead the fight against the Flame Legion to show that female Charr could fight too so she’s likely a symbol for female empowerment. The fact that both Rytlock and Pyre Fierceshot are both voiced by Steve Blum coulda had something to do with it as well….but I still see it more as a “diversity hire” than really something that fits or makes sense.

Realistically the whole Kalla thing doesn’t really take away from it, and it’s not a bad deal in game. The lack of performance out of the shortbow/traits/utilities is far greater issue when you get down to it.

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