Odd condi trait interaction

Odd condi trait interaction

in Revenant

Posted by: Khrux.4958


So I saw this trait synergy posted on reddit recently(can’t find it again to give credit sorry!)

Corruption line:
Demonic Defiance – Using a demon skill gives you resistance
Abyssal Chill – when you apply chill you apply torment
Maniacal persistance – apply torment to yourself and others when you gain resistance.

So while in Mallyx, you use Unyielding Anguish utility(the leap) which firstly gives you resistance(from demonic defiance) and thus procs torment around you(from maniacal persistance) and on you(same trait, but negated by the resistance you got) then the field created from the leap pulses chill + torment 4 times which means you proc abyssal chill’s torment 4 times.

While all of the above is going on, if using mace/axe you will be using AA for more torment and mace 2 into 3 for the additional fire, torment and might blasts.

What this results in is basically permanent 25+ torment just from leaping into a mob from UA alone, then using AA and weapon skills on top adds even more. I’ve only been using this in open world but it absolutely deletes anything because of the huge burst torment stacks and with no CD on UA you can just keep applying the leap every few secs even while using Mace 3/Axe 5 on cooldown (you don’t use the upkeep in demon obviously).

Is this just completely broken and OP? I see that Qt don’t use this in their PvE build so I guess its not optimal or perhaps it was overlooked? I mean 25+ torment from a single button press seems nuts when you can maintain it from literally press 1 skill and AA’ing….

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Odd condi trait interaction

in Revenant

Posted by: LucianDK.8615


Id be curious to hear how it stacks up versus the mallyx elite, which is normally used with the trait that inflicts burning.

Odd condi trait interaction

in Revenant

Posted by: Ertrak.9506


Its a lot of torment from one button yes.

Problem is the length of time over which it occurs on top of the long cast time, which gives it low actual dps.

Mallyx elite is much higher dps due to it continuously procing torment while using other skills and automatically procing diabolic inferno twice per legend swap.

Even in pvp its not as op as it sounds cuz the target would have to stay standing in it… and while yes that does double torment damage, it cuts off more than half of the potential torment stacks (if they’re not stupid) which means the double torment damage isn’t making up for the lost stacks…and that’s on top of the fact that torment base damage is less than that of bleeding in pvp…

Odd condi trait interaction

in Revenant

Posted by: Joxer.6024


I tested it, and it was a very decent amount of torment stacks for sure while not every running out of energy. Is it better….not sure there.

Odd condi trait interaction

in Revenant

Posted by: narcx.3570


This is sort of the condi-rev standard in sPvP for the burst/unyielding anguish’s point control…

In PvE, though, it’s still outdps’ed by taking Venom Enhancement and Diabolic Inferno and then just channeling Embrace the Darkness and Jalis Hammers while using your 2/3/5 weapon skills off cd.

The biggest reason for this is that Abyssal Chill’s torment only has a base duration of 3 seconds, whereas Embrace the Darkness’s base is 6 seconds, Searing Fissure’s Burn is 4 seconds, and Echoing Eruption is 10 seconds. And that’s before all of your Expertise is factored in. So over the course of a fight you get much larger Torment stacks in addition to being able to have the energy to spam Searing Fissure for burns and then poison stacks/more burns as a bonus from your traits.

(You still have Abyssal Chill though, so sometimes it’s worth using Unyielding Anguish… Like right at the start of a fight, or when coming back from doing mechanics or whatever.)

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