Renegade Fix Idea

Renegade Fix Idea

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Let me be the millionth person to say that “Renegade needs a fix.” Not a buff, a fix. This is the most minimal, plausible fix I could think of. I doubt any of this will be seen by anyone that needs to see it, but hey why not?

Kalla’s Fervor
Kalla’s Fervor is the closest thing Renegade has to a mechanic so I’m using this as the driving focus of the rework. It’s currently generated by critically hitting and flanking, which isn’t total crap so we’ll use that as the guide. I would like a UI for it like Malice has though. Potentially add a 1s ICD to accommodate it’s new use.

Citadel Orders
These abilities are… bad. Just scaling them up wouldn’t be fun to play and they’d still cost precious energy and basically work as more utility skills right now.

  • All – instead of costing energy they cost Fervor instead. They would cost all your Fervor and be stronger the more Fervor you spend.
  • Heroic Command – Give boons and remove conditions based off of each stack spent. (Boons are 1 might (8s), fury(1s) and vigor(1s) per stack to match Renegade’s theme. Complete rework)
  • Citadel Bombardment – Fires 5 plus 1 per stack spent. Larger hit box on the missles.
  • Orders From Above – Give AoE 0.5s of stealth for each stack spent, to all nearby allies. (This is to make it an Ash legion skill and make it more of an Ambush Commander feel)

Shortbow is a condition weapon, so critical hits aren’t a guaranteed way to get Fervor. Flanking should be the focus of the weapon and considering that it’s already quite weak, adding effects on flank won’t make the weapon overpowered.

  • Shattershot – No longer AoE. Flanking now also inflicts 0.5s of burning.
  • Bloodbane Shot – Each shot that flanks gives a bonus stack of fervor.
  • Sevenshot – Now also blocks attacks in front. Flanking shots now also chill (to scale with the corruption line). Increase cooldown by 4s to compensate for the massive buff.
  • Spiritcrush – No change (can’t flank with AoE and its the one good skill)
  • Scorchrazor – Flanking strikes also inflict 1s of immobilization.


  • All – All summons have increased health in PvE. Remove cooldowns, except for heal skill.
  • Breakrazor’s Bastion – No longer is a stunbreaker. Cannot be controlled.
  • Razorclaw’s Rage – Increased bleed duration. Cannot be controlled.
  • Darkrazor’s Daring – Now breaks stuns. Increased damage.
  • Icerazor’s Ire – Chills instead of cripples. Increased damage. Now is target based casting (It cannot be AoE cast, you won’t be able to control it)
  • Soulcleave’s Summit – Cannot be controlled or killed. Why can it die if its upkeep?

Minimal change, except for GM traits. GM traits now effect Fervor and one of the orders.

  • Ashen Demeanor – Chills instead of cripples.
  • Endless Enmity- Now also procs on flanking hits on enemies below 50% health.
  • All for One – Kalla skills also have 10 stacks of stability and give Fervor on cast.
  • Brutal Momentum – Also increases duration of Kalla’s Fervor, number of stacks increased to 10. (Lasting Legacy made baseline)
  • Vindication – Kalla’s Fervor increases critical hit chance by 2%. Orders From Above has increased duration by 20%.
  • Lasting Legacy – Kalla’s Fervor now also increases condition duration by 2%. Citadel Bombardment fires more shots per Fervor spent (1 more).
  • Righteous Rebel – Kalla’s Fervor reduces condition damage by 2%. Heroic Command now gives retaliation and heals based off conditions removed.

TL;DR -Dear Anet –

revenant – Hoogles Von Boogles
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Renegade Fix Idea

in Revenant

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Again…bumped and be sure and post on Reddit as it seems the devs hang there a lot. Well put effort mate…..and if only…..!