Renegade utility and F skills Thoughts

Renegade utility and F skills Thoughts

in Revenant

Posted by: xiev.6905


Renegade utility skill should be “shout”. Kalla was a commander, Shout skills really fit the theme.

All those unique buffs work 100% on yourself and maybe half on ally because shouts are easier to use. Elite skill could give out like 5 stacks of buffs, each stack makes your next attack steal some health.

In order to create more plays, F skills should cost no energy but removes Kalla’s favour. If all 5 stacks are all removed at the same time, F skills do something extra ( F2 gives quickness to yourself, F3 does a final big blast, F4 cleans 2 conditions). Passive buffs are not the greatest idea in action-based games because it takes no effort to track and has no effect to your gameplay. Flat damage buff trait equals to nothing unless Anet wants to make GW2 into WoW2 where everyone is crying for DPS nerf even only 0.5%…

One more thing, I really really and really hope rev sword 3 can be a more defensive option. Any of you play Blizzard’s Heros of the storm? I wish rev sword 3 can be like kharazim’s seven-sided strike.

So (1) you don’t move into necro wells or DH traps or IN the wall but no longer follow blinks in pvp. (2) this change makes Sword 3 useful in a team fight as an instant evasion but not OP when 1 vs 1 at the side nodes. (3) In pve, it is better to have control of your movement , well, at least, going nowhere is better than going somewhere randomly.