WvW Renegade Builds - First ideas

WvW Renegade Builds - First ideas

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I tested a bit at the weekend and would show you a build. Its a offensiv build with very high dmg, but without much sustain and group support. He just deal DMG, with a bit support (Mallyx Resitance, Dwarfs Skills and F2 and F4). Its like a necro, but without corrupts. (Bleedings, Burn and Torment are the main conditions)
Build (Maybe with other Buffood and Gear.)

Renegade Traits (Picture – 2-2-2/3)
Blood Fury:
Fury increases the duration of beelds you inflict. Gaining fury inspires you with Kallas Fervor
ICD: 3 Sec
Bleed Duration Increase: 25%

Endless Enmity
Gain fury when you ciritically strike a foe below the health treshold.
HealTreshold: 50%
Fury 6 Sec.
ICD: 8 Sec

You short bow skills now pierce. Bleeding you inflict deals more damage
Damage increase: 25%
Number of Targets: 5

Brutal Momentum
While at full endurance, increase your chance to critically strike. Gain vigor when you gain fury.
Vigor 6 Sec
Critical Chance increase: 33%
ICD: 8 Sec

Lasting Legacy
Kallas Fervor you inspire lasts longer. Increase you maximum potential stacks of Kallas Fervor.
New Stacks: 300 Ferocity and 20% Condition Damage.

Defensiv Variant

Righteous Rebel
While you have maximum stacks of Kallas Fervor, receive reduced damage from conditions. Orders from Above lasts longer and affects a larger area.
Condition DMG Reduced: 33%
Duration increase: 50%
Area increase; 120

+ High direct and condition DMG
+ With mallyx and dwarf solid support (but …)
+ Many dmg increase (its intense. you can push this with correctly sigill)

personal + point for me: stunbreak on legend switch

- You need a good group in guild or public. Without correctly group support you are dead
- very high energy costs
- shortbow feels clunky in battle with fast movement (So stay on mace and shortbow just on right moments)
- no stability, not much boons, bit squishy
- No blocks (Stuff 3) and no “oh kitten button” (stuff 5, 3)
- Retaliation hurt

Its a hard gameplay and shortbow feels in many moments a bit clunky. But in good moments the build is very funny and have high dmg output. My computer is broken. Otherwise I would have made a video. The dmg is soooo …. love it. But squishy, the movement feels different and Retaliation hurts.

I don’t have much time, so i can not tested a full condi variant. The direct dmg on bow suprise me. Its nice But maybe full condition its stronger. Then we can go tanky. Maybe with other weapon set. But i think mace/axe -> bow.
Corruption: 2 – 2 – 2/3
Retribution: 2 – / – 3
Renegade: Maybe 2 – 2/3 – 3 -> 3 is great with dwarf legend.