make Renegade faster

make Renegade faster

in Revenant

Posted by: Arkantos.7460


Hallo, after some experience I must say that our new Legend is interesting in fighting style and had quite nice grafik effects.
It was quite needed that Revenant get a midrange weapon.
But there should be a more fluid gameplay with shortbow and utilities wich feels extremely slow und lagging, less ground targeting or changed the way it works.

I dont mean to buff(except heal) skills with dps, but make them viable against other classes.

  • shortbow skills 2, 3 ,4 and 5: have an extremely long casttime, and it needs to long to appear after casted. People still just walk out of range/position and I miss most of my skills, also Citadel bombardment.
  • shortbow skill 2: miss all the time the target is moving …
  • shortbow skill 3: where are the bolts?, some of them seem to be lost in the mists ( I had times where only 3 appears or less ) also this skill should be faster or act like True shot or deflecting shot (dragonhunter) with ground targeting (or not)
  • shortbow skill 4: toooo slow and I think I miss like ele using dragontooth and I cant target behind me … lol … every class can do that …. except Renegade
  • shortbow skill 5: needs some ground direction targeting also like True shot or deflecting shot

The utilities are all to slow, to long to cast, to late at appearing on battlefield, ppl simply walk away. And the MOST DISTURBING THING…. no valid path

And plz change the stunbreaker to another utility, I dont want to use the low heal skill (wich you can buff with a bigger amount of heal and which is so much important ) for a stunbreaker , maybe the healskill should not ground targeting , instead just appear right next to the player.

I think if you made some little changes we will get a better feeling for the new legend and it would be much more welcome for rev players.

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