Basic Question about Deadeye WVW

Basic Question about Deadeye WVW

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I saw a couple people trying D/P as an offset to Rifle in WvW.

I am brand new to the Thief class. Thieves share initiative between weapons. Most of the videos, people rarely swapped to D/P or Shortbow and played Rifle almost exclusively. Could someone pleasewhen you would want to swap to D/P from Rifle? Is it really situational like you’re about to finish off your enemy, but he uses block, so you swap weapons to D/P and use Shadow Shot (which is unblockable) ? And then what spells do you use from there?

Thank you!

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Basic Question about Deadeye WVW

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Posted by: saerni.2584


On demand stealth combo and interrupts for D/P.

Mobility and AoE poison on shortbow with interrupt potential on the CG.

Main hand dagger offers cleave if the enemy is invisible.

Those three reasons are what those offhands offer.

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Basic Question about Deadeye WVW

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Posted by: Leo Schrodingers Cat.2497

Leo Schrodingers Cat.2497

D/P is good for dealing with people who are really sticky and will stay on top of you in melee range. On demand stealth.

Rifle abuses your power and range over the other player while providing escape functions.

You will also see Sword-dagger in the mix as it provides engage, disengage, boon-strip, evasion, and on-hit stealth.

These three sets work really well with malice. But only Rifle takes full advantage of the mechanic.