WvW core roaming variantion

WvW core roaming variantion

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WvW zerk core roam

So, I’ve found this to be pretty fun. The idea is to proc a lot of might, dodge a lot, and set-up stuns for easy kills. Don’t be afraid to auto attack with the hammer it’s hilarious watching people dodge auto attacks anticipating the stun chain. I highly suggest to not use the stun chain unless you see a perfect opportunity mid-late fight. Hammer 2 is amazing I usually crit 7-8k + weakness makes it a great survive move against other melees. Use Arc slice to keep up adrenal health, and supplement the times you can’t with endure pain and liberal dodging. Reckless dodge does around 2-3k per crit and hit so treat it like an unblock-able auto attack. Use earthshaker if you’re confident you can hit or as a gap closer which is how I use it. I rarely hit with it but it scares people out of a dodge. Adrenal gain should be non-issues with rage sig, dodging, and such.

I have a lot of condi clear because that’s what I see a lot of on my Borderlands, but feel free to tinker with endure pain and stamina sig. Typically Ill swap endure for something cheeky like bolas or bull charge even ‘for great justice’ because you get that free 50% endurance fill guage. Pop SoR for endurance and that final push for a kill. For the most part stuns aren’t really a big deal for me. I tend to dodge most of the higher telegraphed stuns. The only class I typically have issues with and this is pretty much always been the case at least with me is a blind spam thief. Not much I can do except hope they screw up rotation. I’ve had little trouble with any condi geared class and most power classes. The biggest thing you should notice about this build is being able to stay upwards 75% + health because you should be evading. This is the best damage mitigation in this build.
Endure pain is panic button and adrenal health and SoH are for that one ‘dang i missed a dodge’.

The biggest counter I’ve seen is just not being able to proc MiR. That makes it a lot harder to survive which is why thieves are usually difficult to deal with since I can’t hit them. I accept this as a major flaw and choose my battles accordingly.

The trait lines are pre-HoT core War meta so nothing new here.

The armor/trinkets weps are mix of power/crit chance. Swap ’em out how you please. Sigils and such try to proc MiR as much as possible.

Overall, the play style is slower, calculated attack and evade, and fun to watch their face when you condi clear everything multiple times. You should be using dodges like you’re a thief with this build.

Hope you get a thrill or two with this open for suggestions, and happy hunting.

WvW core roaming variantion

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This is the exact build I’ve been sharing in various threads….it is indeed quite functional and fun!