Configuring AVG

Configuring AVG

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Posted by: MattChernicky.2945


Technical Support Lead

AVG is known to have some compatibility issues with Guild Wars 2. We are currently looking into this issue, however, for the time being I would suggest trying to configure AVG with the following steps. There have been reports that this has assisted players previously:

1. Open AVG
2. Click “History”
3. Click on “Firewall Log”
4. Click on “System Services”
5. Scroll down to branch cache/Windows remote management
6. Click on “Block” and change it to “Allow for all”

This should allow you to connect to the patch servers.

Next, open User Interface.
Click “Tools” and then “Firewall settings” and in the panel that pops up, you will see profiles on the left (the active one will be in bold).
Click on “Sytem services” in the active profile and then Click the “Manage User System Rules.”

Another window should open. Click Add button, a change rule detail window opens. Here you will want it to read: For protocol TCP, direction Out, local port(s) Unrestricted ports (1024-65535), remote port(s) 80,6112,6600, remote address(es) All Networks, Allow for All … Give it a name of GW Special down at bottom.