Delayed or No Ticket Reply? Read This!

Delayed or No Ticket Reply? Read This!

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Posted by: GM Talon.8726

GM Talon.8726

Lead Game Master

I wanted to clear some confusion and misconceptions about delayed ticket responses and what helps address the issue of your ticket not yet receiving a reply. This FAQ aims to address the most common inquiries related to delayed support.

First and foremost however, I want to stress the importance of using our Support Interface to submit your initial inquiry. Please do not send a new e-mail directly to the support e-mail address, as this will create a new ticket that may be filed incorrectly and will cause a delay in your issue being addressed. Replying to an e-mail that is sent from the support e-mail address will correctly update your current ticket (so long as your reply is above the line indicated in the e-mail) and will not affect your place in the queue.

Here are some general guidelines for choosing the correct ticket form to submit your inquiry:

Account Issue: Resetting password, changing account name (e-mail address), issues with/requesting removal of e-mail and/or two-factor authentication, compromised/missing account (error 11), unable to log in due to a block on the account (errors 9, 45), linking your Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts.

In-Game Issue: Items/Non-gem currency missing, violation reports, in-game feature not functioning, accidental purchases (in-game item refund requests, purchased or obtained with an in-game currency [including gems]).

Purchase Issue: Error message when purchasing gems, gems not appearing in gem total after purchasing, gem/promotional codes not redeeming properly, refund requests for unspent gems, suspected fraudulent purchase of gems from your account, disabled serial code (error 122).

Technical Issue: Black Lion Trading Post not loading, game crashes to desktop consistently, game freezes, connectivity/lag (latency) issues (errors 7, 42).

Now, on to the FAQ!

Q: I haven’t heard back from the Support Team in 24 hours (or longer)! Did the Support Team receive my ticket? Should I submit another one?

A: Tickets are addressed in the order in which they are received, meaning if the Support Team is currently backed up due to large ticket volumes, waiting times may be longer than our target 24 hour response time. If you received an auto-reply from us after submitting your ticket, then the support team has received your ticket and you are in queue for assistance. No further action is required from you until you hear back from an agent. If you did not receive an auto-reply, please be sure to check your spam/junk/promotional/etc. folders, as the auto-reply may have ended up in there. You can read more about this subject here.

Creating duplicate tickets about or related to the same issue that you have already contacted us about does not lead to faster reply times. This actually creates more tickets for agents to address, which ultimately causes a longer wait time for everyone. Please refrain from creating multiple tickets about the same issue and instead update the same ticket that you have already created. If the last time you corresponded with us is longer than a month however, you should create a new ticket using the link I provided at the beginning of this post.

Q: My ticket has been transferred or escalated and I haven’t heard from anyone for 24 hours (or longer). What’s the deal?

A: Transferred tickets are tickets that were filed or otherwise located with the incorrect department (an example would be an account issue that was filed with the Payments Department). If this happens, the ticket will be introduced into the correct queue. Depending on that department’s ticket volume, you may not receive as timely of a reply from us as you did when your ticket was initially submitted.

Escalated tickets are tickets that are assigned to senior agents on the Support Team. Senior agents handle a variety of complex or one-off situations which require more time to investigate and address. Tickets that have been escalated have their own queue and, like all other tickets, are addressed in the order in which they are received. Tickets that have been escalated to a Lead GM or the Game Support Lead may take longer to address than tickets escalated to a senior agent.

Q: My issue changed from what I had originally inquired about (i.e. my account was compromised, the Support Team helped me get back into my account, and now I see that my items/characters are missing). Should I submit a new ticket about this?

A: You should update the ticket that you were already corresponding with us on. This will ensure that your ticket stays in its proper place in queue. The exception to this is if your ticket is older than a month and you are just now getting back to us. If this is the case, please submit a new ticket using the link I provided at the beginning of this post.