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I don't like this new content

in Tequatl Rising

Posted by: Amethyst Rose.4367

Amethyst Rose.4367

Based on the title, the OP was not around for the great Karka kitten-up of 2012. This thread is not about the balance or future of Teqatl and later events but the whining that the OP is unable to get his achievements. Yes it is tough and you cannot control 100 players, it is unfortunate that you have not a good group since but that does not make it “the worst content ever” so perhaps you need to focus less on kittening and more on trying again and again.

I disagree with you completely. The Karka event was at least fun, and everyone who participated at least got some rewards from it from ArenaNet because of the issues. This one is just pain that keeps getting worse. And honestly content-wise…. we already had a Tequatl before this update and there was almost no story added. (All we got was Rox in Sparkfly as far as I can tell) The Karka event had some compelling story, it jut failed for technical reasons.