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So frustrated with HOT

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Angelica Dream.7103

Angelica Dream.7103

I am just so frustrated with HOT and the direction GW2 has taken.

I can only do certain events, hero point, or adventure mini-games when they become available.

No one is showing up for big meta events so they fail.

I can not get some mastery points unless other are there too.

The entire game has turned into forced cooperation.

I want to play when I want to, not when others decide to do certain events. I loved GW1 and when GW2 first came out it was AWESOME. Now I am mired with following around tags just hitting buttons.

I just want to play a nice game not follow after groups. Or grinding after things to get other things. What happened to the fun GW2?