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Unbreakable Choir Bell time limit!

in Wintersday

Posted by: Architrex.1423


This is my first forum post, so I’m not sure if I’m doing this right!

But one thing is really tixx’ing my toxx, and that is the fact my Unbreakable Choir Bell still only lasts 1 minute!

I understand that it doesn’t dissapear, that’s great! But when I’m trying to run through and figure out Fear Not This Night by ear, when all of a sudden the bell vanishes, strips me of my fancy winter garb and throws my Charr into a death blossom, it’s a little infuriating!

I would be more than thankful if somehow, some way, the Unbreakable Choir Bell’s duration would be boosted! So it can be unequipped manually and cancelled on command, not spontaneously!


-Reisha Ebonclaw