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Exotic Dyes

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Posted by: Ari Kagura.9182

Ari Kagura.9182

I couldn’t help but wonder what Exotic Dyes would look like it.

Briefly speaking, I think it could look like some odd mix of colors, or maybe a two-tone color of some sorts that would make your armor look like one color during the day while it changes color during the night.

Of course, these dyes would have to be moderately hard to get, which may require doing more than just playing the RNG game with the Unidentified Dyes and the Mystic Forge. Maybe these would require a lot of Karma to spend, or 250 of four different ingredients for Chefs to make.

Here are some examples:

  • Chameleon Colored Dyes: These kinds of dyes would have some kind of harmonic blend of colors that would make your armor shine a certain set of hues depending on the lighting and placement of your character.
    • Examples: The best example of this color scheme would be found on these custom painted cars. On the Jeep Cherokee on that page, you could see how the yellows and greens work to make that effect. On the Dodge Charger with the green rims below it, there’s a shift between green and purple. Basically, it somewhat chrome-ish.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Dyes: These kinds of dyes would make your armor moderately glow in low-light, similar to how the bioluminescene works on Sylvari characters. With Halloween coming up next month, I think the addition of these dyes would do well. Although, to make it less obnoxious, it would be restricted to 1 or 2 parts of the armor piece instead of the whole armor piece.
  • Patterned Dyes: These kinds of dyes would produce some kind of repeating or thematic pattern on your gear. For instance, instead of a solid color on the fabric draping down from your kilt, you can put a pattern that resembles plaid. Or maybe glittery stars. Or perhaps skulls and crossbones. These patterns would probably look best on the cloth parts of an armor set.
  • Elemental Effect Dyes: With these dyes, you can add some kind of small animation effect to a part of your gear, such as floating rocks, snowflakes, lava, or water droplets. Due to the heavy effects of it, I would imagine that this dye would have restrictions for certain pieces of armor. I would suggest that it could only be applied to shoulders, gloves, or boots.
  • The Amazing Ever-Changing Dye!: The product of a crazy Asuran experiment gone bad, with this dye, the color of your armor could change every x amount of minutes; or until you enter a new zone. You might be wearing Abyss dye while in Lion’s Arch, but when you head out into Orr, maybe you’ll end up with … Hot Pink?!
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