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Stacking & Zerging

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Asia Skyly.7198

Asia Skyly.7198

Did you ever bother to read the skill descriptions? Many of the skills in the game have a terribly short effective range. To smartly use these skills you must get into close range of your party members also known as stacking.

In addition, ever wondered why you have a combo field, but not a combo blast? Cause it is meant for your teammates to blast it.

I am impressed with you disregard of the game mechanics, and your choice words to insinuate that it requires less skills to use the game mechanics that it is to not use them.

I am thinking this is a troll topic, as such, I will give you a solid 10/10.

COF gives 1.2 gold; FOTM lv. 31 gives 1.3?

in Fractured

Posted by: Asia Skyly.7198

Asia Skyly.7198

I posted as much elsewhere. The reward should be 10s/personal level. 3g at 30 seems fair. The challenge/length is sufficient to justify it.