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Will vendors be updated for PoF?

in WvW

Posted by: Berzerker.9604


I understand that the new chest in wvw will have the new currency but it really infuriates me that I have thousands of PoF and they are almost useless. At least give the players a chance to exchange at some kind of rate to get the new currency. I have 26 toons all specced out and elites so so PoF is coming out with new stats, gear, runes etc and my PoH are pretty much wasted now. I knew they would introduce a new currency but wow now I have to do all that over again. I hate pve to no end.I only do what i need to do to get to wvw. No interest at all in it. All I love to do if fight other players in wvw. Spvp….limiting and a bit boring but not without its benefits but I learned all my toons in wvw and how to fight except afte the tome boon lol. My point is this sure we can use the PoH for stuff still but with the new expansion whats the point? I can just rip them from my toons and transfer them if I want them. All my toons are geared the way they are for the current builds. I know things changed when the new expansion launches but now I have to start all over again as if the current currency no longer has any currency.

Bottom line is I am miffed they didnt have some way to convert the old to the new at a significant ratio at least. Or at least allow PoH to be used to purchase the new runes, sigils etc. I never did like the pve portion of HoT and to do it all again……simply not interested. Ill wait until launch to see if anything changes. Guess we will see……