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Battle for Lion's Arch Open Issues and Tips

in Battle for Lion’s Arch - Aftermath

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We are currently working on the difficulty of the Assault Knight fights; I realize that sometimes its hard to get a full overflow or that there are non peak hours where server populations will be lighter. Hopefully with the difficulty changes, it will also make it easier for a good server to get ‘Six Minutes to Knightfall’.

I think you meant to say “full population server” instead of good server.

The developers and others at Arenanet need to get it out of their head that challenging and requiring huge numbers arent the same thing.

Marionette failed because of 1 person

in The Origins of Madness

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Its because, once again, they are designing content for Blackgate and the privileged few super high pop servers and just expecting everyone else to guest (or transfer). They just assume there will be more than 25 people on each path (meaning 125 people total in the fight) to guarantee 5 people on each platform.

They need a population reality check (on every server) before designing any more of these fights.

Worm as well – requiring a bare minimum of 60 semi-organized people to deal with mechanics means some servers are probably out of luck (again).

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Dungeon is way too hard.

in Twilight Assault

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or they can buff all the other dungeons up to this level