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Guild members last time online

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Dear Anet,

Guild roosters really need a last time online row. So people can sort out inactive members in their guild.

My opinion: One time (dynamic)events.

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Hello to all,

A little introduction of myself:

I’ve been a big fan of GW1 , I’ve bought all expansions and have about 2,450 houres on my record. Even named my main character Duke Ranik, some off you know it has a link to the game . GW1 was simple, but amazing game!

Playing Guild Wars 2 was really amazing and still is!


(btw I’m not an native english speaking person, i could have made allot of grammar fails)

The topic it self:

I am personally not a big fan of this so called: One time events. Sadly the time-line is always based to normal Americans who don’t have to go to work on a Sunday for example.

I really have (sadly) the feeling ArenaNet doesn’t focus on their non-American players.
Or even hard working, church going, ect. Gamers/Players.

I’m sure allot of non-american and even American people missed out on this ( clearly epic) event ’cos they where sleeping or even working , and they where forced to not participate in this event.

I see only 3 possible solutions in the future:

(1) Time zones based

Make difference between Asia, America and Europe. So people over whole world have a little chance to participate .

But this solution isn’t the best one, because some people ( like me) work in shifts and are forced to miss the event

(2) One time loot

Just repeat the event and make clear you will only get a ONE TIME LOOT CHEST. This way all people have a fair chance and can see these epic events you guys create.

This seems to me the best solution on this topic.


Don’t give such ‘epic’ loot. ‘cos people work hard to get gold and now it seems market is crashing ones again ’cos some new lucky people just got instantly rich and don’t understand what 1 gold stands for!
Don’t want to sound jealous , Hope you guys know what i’m trying to say.


I am vary mad for this one time events and they need allot of work.
I am still playing , and recommend people to stay, ’cos the game it self is just AMAZING.

Welcome to The Lost Shores!

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ANet iw as really a fan of GW, but with GW2 is was getting more excited until Halloween and now! YOU CLEARLY don’t look at you EUROPEAN OR EVEN MORE EASTERN FANS!


I never saw you guys making so much mistakes in such a short time!

I even played gw1 10 times more then wow!!

i’m really losing my fate now.

Get you PR focused better on EUROPE and such!

WHy don’t make this event appear more times and such limit the chest loot one time?
So people who don’t life in America or work in shifts can enjoy the new content also???

Fix this ’cos this aint fair at all.

L80: Against The Corruption *stuck*

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this quest is to hard/bugged! At the first ambush all NPCs die in 5 seconds and i’m left there with a group of foes that ’s imposible to kill!

ANet when are you gonna finally fix this problem?

To be honest i’m digusse d by the fact you first fixed the real life store and then the game!