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[Guide]30 pts in valor gameplay (Hammer)

in Guardian

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The main focus of the guide is hammer and its place in wvw but it can also be applied to other weapons and pve but i focus on the hammer because it rocks.

A lot in this guide can be applied to them as well and they perform very nicely in an AH build as well.

First of all if I missed anything or you find flaws, point them out and I will fix them.

If you like it please post it and also request a sticky if you find it to be of great use to the community.

Third, English isn’t my native language so bear with me.

The guide is a compressed version of all the great discussion we had in the original thread. If I missed out on Your idea comment on that and I will edit this post.

And to all the whiners, newcomers, reroller and poorly informed people and ofc the genuinely interested, in this you can find the answer to:

How you solve the issue of dying 3 times as fast as other professions
How to make conditions a breeze
How to hit for over 5k with mighty blow in a tank setup
How to perform nice dps with healing gear
And why our effective healthpool in a fight is over 30k if you know what you are doing
Why renewed focus is the best thing since sliced bread

And much much much more

1. What is this guide based on?
2. Why a guide?
3. Abbreviations
4. Altruistic healing and its potential
5. Why play with the hammer?
6. Hammer skills and their uses
7. Must have traits
8. Other traits that can be used
9. Choice of weapon
10. Armour
11. Accessories
12. Runes
13. Sigils
14. Elite and Virtues
15. Consumables
16. Utilities
17. Gameplay and our job on the battlefield
18. Recommended stats for it to work
19. A couple of valid builds
20. Final words
21. End game, builds and accessories

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