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The difference between Need and Want

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Chessrook.8643


This is something that has been bothering me for a while… the comments that seem most often common on these forums when complaining about things.

“Dailies suck because they FORCE you to do these things!”
“Ascended items suck because you NEED to do this and this to get them!”
“Why are you adding the gear grind? Now I NEED to get the best armor!”
“More Ascended? I have eight characters, now I HAVE TO spend WEEKS equipping all of them again! Thanks for the laurels!”


You do NOT need. You WANT. These things are optional, and in a majority of cases, you can get them through other methods. Ascended items forced? Nope, they’re only a small percentage better than exotics. Not enough to really be THAT noticable. Dailies? Look over the things you can get for laurels, and you’ll see that a majority of them can be gotten in other ways, the few exceptions being the minipets and cat tonic. (And before you point out the tools and boosters, really, they’re practically equivalent to similar types.).

You people need to learn the difference between “Need/Forced” and “Want/given the option”