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Ascended rings: "unique"

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Copestetic.5174


This feature adds nothing of value to the game, and it’s absurd to try and justify it. It’s inconsistent with every other previous tier of the game. The only thing it does is screw unwary players over. Had I not read threads like this, I would have gotten screwed eventually.

Considering the marginal differences between the infusions, it makes absolutely no sense to make it so complex.

And no, i should not have to dive through the wiki when playing the game. That just shows how bad the in-game info is, and of course a lot of the tooltips LIE to the player. Why should I have to dive through all of that when it’s clear the game designers don’t even put any effort in telling you about how the game works?

BTW, fix the Strength in Numbers icon already.

/wiki Unique

Took about one-and-a-half seconds to look up, ( if that ) from in-game. There’s a reason why every detail is not on an item; because it can’t possibly fit in their little info box. Thus, the Official GW2 Wiki, and the reason why a player can use an in-game command to get to it prior to doing something like, spending Laurels.

If anything, think of it as an extensive instruction manual combined with a strategy guide that’s free for the taking. If you want to charge blindly into something, by all means, go for it. Just don’t get offended when people laugh at your stupidity when you make a thread on the forums complaining about your ignorance.