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The backpiece that Tyria deserves

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: DanteZero.9736


A reddit thread suggested that a good use for a particular hero to be used as a backpiece. I, for one, welcome the new golem overlord.

For anyone who’s wondering, here’s the thread:

Bad design decisions IMO: The hologram boxes

in Dragon Bash

Posted by: DanteZero.9736


Ok, the issue that seems to be appearing with these hologram boxes are that anyone can spawn and kill them. The hologram spawns count for EVERYONE, in other words, these holograms are (in some way) acting similar to a limited resource system seen in other MMOs out there.

People can simply camp and wipe out the holograms with ease while everyone else who arrives will be out of luck. In turn, this can get players called out, or get yelled at.

Anet, this is a bad design decision. Heavy RNG is in some ways tolerable, but the fact that you guys decided to release these holograms in a similar manner as the limited crafting resources of other MMOs has me really disappointed.

Edit: Redundantly redundant word issue corrected.

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